New Cellucor and Scivation Products Coming Soon

Something massive is coming...and we are not talking about Avengers End Game. That is pretty exciting but still, we need to talk about all the new products Nutrabolt is coming out with! For those who do not know, Nutrabolt owns Scivation and Cellucor. Pretty sick portfolio Nutrabolt!

Last year, Nutrabolt released Cellucor C4 Carbonated and C4 Ultimate Carbonated under the Cellucor line. With the Scivation line, they did even more with the revamp of the label and the logo along with some new Xtend products. The first Xtend product was Protein and then they came out with their stimulant free carbonated Xtend can. These two products both tasted delicious and help Scivation become a “cool” brand again. I mean they already had the best BCAA in the game but now the bottle looks dope.

Scivation Xtend

So what is we start with Cellucor or do we start with Scivation Xtend? Decisions Decisions.

Cellucor C4 Energy Drink

Let's start with the Energy Drinks because we all know how much you love them, which is perfect because they both are coming out with one. Remember that brand new Carbonated Xtend, now add energy! Bada Bing, Bada Boom! This will instantly become the best amino acid energy drink due to it having Xtend BCAAs in it.

Next, let's go over the new Cellucor C4 Energy that is coming out. Right now we have C4 Original Carbonated which because of its Beta Alanine (tingles), its more of an in-the-gym energy drink than “on the go.” You have to be an absolute psycho to be okay with tingles while sitting at a desk. Actually, the more I think of it, it's perfect for anyone who works on their feet but I digress.


The new C4 Energy will be your energy drink OUTSIDE of the gym, providing you with the energy you need and the tingles you don't. I will assume it will have other properties but we cannot wait for this delicious drink to come out! Rumor has it that it might come in a powder as well, pretty smart!

Next, we got some innovations that we did not were even possible! Remember dunkaroos? Those were great but has nothing to do with this article. Remember Pop Rocks? Those were amazing too. You put them in your mouth and they begin to pop!

Cellucor C4 Pop Rocks

Now imagine that with a pre workout….you throw some rocks in your mouth...they fizzle and then you all of a sudden need to go to the gym! Introducing C4 Shot Rocks… cool?!

Cellucor C4 Shot Rocks


But what about Xtend, you said they were coming out with some awesome new stuff too! You are 100% right and you remember that Pop Rocks idea we literally just spoke about? Now imagine Xtend BCAA Gummies!!!!!!!!! Sorry, my keyboard is broken. Pop in one of these Xtend Gummies and boom, you got yourself a BCAAs for muscle recovery. These guys are geniuses over at Nutrabolt.


And as Steve Jobs famously said, "But wait, there is more." And that more comes in Scivation Xtend Energy and Scivation Xtend Zero. 

Scivation Xtend Energy is the caffeinated version of their last carbonated drink with 125 mg of caffeine, zero everything (calories, sugar, and artificially sweeteners) that comes in delicious flavors and will actually aid in muscle recovery. A WHOPPING 7g of BCAA per can! 

Scivation Xtend Energy On the Go

Scivation also saw success back in the day with Xtend Free but some just didn't understand what the heck that name means so they refreshed the formula/bottle and introduced it as Scivation Xtend Zero. This is a natural and purely clean Amino Acid BCAA powder that is free from any caffeine, artificial colors/dyes and free from artificial flavors. 

Scivation Xtend Original Natural Zero



Click HERE to check out all of the new products: 


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