Product Review: Scivation QUAKE 10.0

What Is It: This is a fully dosed clinically proven pre workout to top the market as a full pre workout. Loaded with BCAAs, Citrulline and 8 total ingredients, Quake by Scivation will deliver “earth shattering” results...I had to do that...too easy. Really, this is a pre that loads you up with ingredients to build muscle during and post while improving performance. They also added two patented ingredients to them called PEAKO2 and Capros.

Scivation Pre WorkoutWhy This Stuff is so Great: Until now, you would have to spend $80 to get a fully clinical dosed pre workout. Scivation allows you to get that on Campus Protein without breaking the bank. Then you look at the ingredients and they use their famous XTEND BCAAs + Arginine nitrate + and PEAKO2.

Real Science: With 7g of BCAA’s, you get protection from muscle breakdown pre workout and ramps up protein synthesis post workout. Then loaded with 6g of Citrulline Malate + Arginine Nitrate, the pumps will be insane. Then instead of using the same old Beta-Alanine, they use the Clinically Proven (at UNC Chapel Hill) PeakO2 ingredient to maximize endurance. Then with the rest of the ingredients, they deliver antioxidants, cardiovascular health, focus, and energy.

Scivation Quake 10.0

Bro Science: The more quality ingredients you can get the better your output will be, which will deliver results in the gym and in recovery.

More Quality Ingredients = Better Lifts = Better Post Workout Recovery = More Results

The Good: The Formula period. (yes that was two periods)

The Bad: The Serving size is not ideal and there is not too much focus ingredients in this formula. This might be a perfect pre for people with two pre workouts and switch off.

The Rating: 8.7/10

Average Customer Rating: Perfect...not really because there are no reviews yet...LAUNCHING 3/6/17

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