New 3D Energy Flavor: Red White and Blue

With 4th of July right around the corner, Christian Guzman and 3D Energy are releasing their long awaited and teased limited edition flavor. As we already know, 3D does not do flavor names and the bottle look like this:

3D Energy Freedom Pop


The upcoming product is the Liberty Pop 3D Energy which features a very patriotic color scheme with red, white, and blue stripes around its can. While the brand hasn’t confirmed exactly what the limited edition release will taste like, we suspect based on its colors and name that it is a Bomb Pop inspired flavor.

3D Energy Freedom Pop Red White and Blue

The brand has also revealed that as well as being available for a limited time, fans are only going to find the Liberty Pop 3D Energy at select retailers and Campus Protein will be one. 


Be sure to check out the product HERE to see if it is in stock.


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