3D Energy’s New Flavor Collab with Alphaland

New Lemon flavor Collab from 3D Energy and Alphaland by Christian Guzman

If you’re following along in the fitness world, you’ve probably heard all of the buzz around the grand opening of Alphaland, the long-awaited fitness and nutrition experience owned by influencer Christian Guzman. 3D Energy has teamed up with Alphaland to create a special edition flavor to go along with its grand opening and to be featured inside the super-gym, 3D Alphaland Energy - Lemonade. 

The new flavor collab has a summery, icy lemonade taste, and comes in a bright yellow can with both 3D Energy and Alphaland logos on the front. 3D Alphaland Lemonade includes the same benefits as the other 3D Energy flavors that you know and love, with zero sugar, 15 calories, and a solid 200 mg of caffeine for energy. 

3D Energy flavors, including the new lemonade, are made with less carbonation than other competing energy drink brands and are known for tasting clean and crisp. Imagine a light and refreshing lemonade on a summer day meets an intense rush of energy, and you have this drink. When life gives you lemons, drink Alphaland! 

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