Make Your Protein a Fat Burner

About 1 year ago, I found myself in a meeting with my team and a brand rep. I remember starting the meeting and immediately realizing how much weight this brand rep lost. I didn't say anything when I saw him but I could not let it go. I think it took 20 minutes into our meeting for me to interrupt him in the middle of his sentence and asked, "how the heck did you lose all that weight?" I wouldn't be shocked if he lost 20 lbs in 6 months. He looked like a different person. He just replied, "don't fear the fat my man."

Now for you to understand that comment, this rep has an amazing sense of humor and was planning on telling me exactly what he meant. He was referring to the keto diet and hinting at using fat for fat burning. I know it's a weird concept but the keto diet or ketogenic diet believes that if you give your body fat, it will speed up the metabolism and burn more fat in the process. This is because fat is a readily source of energy versus protein or carbs. When you consume a carbohydrate for energy, your body needs to digest it and store it in a fat cell to burn it. If not used, it stays as stored fat which is dangerous. Fat can get burned right away so there is no storage.

This rep also knows that I train fasted in the morning and gave me a tip that would take my fat burning to the next level. He told me that studies show that adding this ingredient to protein shakes will increase fat burning post workout and for hours past your protein shake. He suggested that I:


I did not think anything of this and gave it a try. I chose to take Sports Research MCT Oil along with the 130 calorie Rule1 Whey Blend as my protein shake. Fast forward three weeks to me being on vacation in Mexico and I realized this stuff really works. I mean it works right up until you hit the buffet and consume 1 million calories but still. I was shocked at the progress I was able to make leading me to write this article.

MCT Oil burns fat


Now let's dive into what MCT Oil is and how it burns fat:

MCT simply stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides which is an odorless, and tasteless fatty acid most commonly found in coconut oil. It being odorless and tasteless makes it a perfect additive for protein shakes, or even a coffee in the morning (very widely used).

Benefits of MCT Oil

As I said earlier, fats are the most readily source of energy. According to the Women’s Institute, MCTs are absorbed directly into the bloodstream bypassing digestion. This means that when you consume MCT Oil, it become available right away. The immediate effect of MCTs in the system is a thermogenic effect, or fat burning. This just means it makes your body use more calories for energy = less calories stored = weight loss. Other benefits of MCT consumption will include, better brain health, increase in overall energy, and improved liver health.

When this rep told me not to fear the fat, I had no idea how much adding fat can help my overall health. The more you research MCT Oil, the more you will realize its benefits. If you are looking to improve body composition, look better naked, or burn more fat, then I definitely recommend having you add MCT Oils to your diet.


Here are the MCT Oils Campus Protein Carries

Liquid MCT

Sports Research MCT Oil

Powder MCT

MCT Oil Powder by Quest

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