Best Supplements for the Keto Diet

The hottest diet right now is called the Ketogenic Diet or Keto diet for short. The diet uses fat from your diet to ramp up your metabolism and burn fat. This requires the dieter to limit their carbs to a minimum so your body produces ketones and that becomes the energy source. These ketones will feed off of your bodies stored fat which will lean you out. Its completely backed by science but its not easy to maintain. The hardest part is keeping your carbs down and getting your body into ketosis. This is where supplements can help. 

There are a few ingredients in the supplement space that can help with the keto diet. These ingredients can give your body the necessary fat for fuel. It can also tell your body to go into ketosis faster and make it last longer. One ingredient is something called BHB or Beta hydroxybutyrate. This is an exogenic ketone or the supplement version of what your body produces when in ketosis. In clinical trials, it is shown that digesting these exogenic ketones prove to be beneficial in performance and weight loss. Another ingredient would be coconut or MCT oil. These are Medium Chain Triglycerides fats that do not enter your digestive system and go straight into your bloodstream allowing your body to use the fat immediately.

Here are the supplements that will aid in weight loss for Keto dieters:

1. BPi Keto Weight Loss

Keto Weight Lossby BPi provides both BHB salts and MCTs in the formula along with caffeine to speed up the metabolism, give you energy and focus while keeping you in ketosis.

BPi Keto Weight Loss Pills

BPi Keto Weight Loss Supplement Facts

2. MCT Oils

Campus Protein sells two forms of MCT Oils: powder and liquid form. They are usually unflavored and you will never notice them if you add them to baking, your coffee, or even your protein shake. Check out our Protein Fat Burning Article about how adding MCT Oils to Protein can become a fat burning muscle building cocktail. 

Quest MCT Oil PowderSports Research MCT Oil

3. Keto Bomb

Keto Bomb by BPi will replace your coffee creamer and load you up with nutrients to get into ketosis fast by just sipping on your coffee. It has 10g of fat per serving and packs tons of healthy fats. 

Keto Bomb coffee Creamer

BPi Keto Bomb Coffee Creamer Supplement Facts

4. Keto Aminos

This is the best of two worlds in the supplement space made for intra workout. Keto Aminos will have both keto ingredients along with aminos to preserve muscle mass and burn fat all at once. 2 scoops will deliver 5g of keto ingredients in BHB and MCTs, 5g of Essential Aminos (EAAs), and a recovery blend.

Supplements for Ketogenic Dieters


BPi Sports Keto Aminos 

5. The Best Pre Workout

The Best Pre Workout is kinda deciving when you think about it. It is by far not the best pre workout out there. Have you heard of Fuel? Just kidding. Lets Get back to the keto craze.

When it comes to keto pre workouts, this pre workout is THE best. It will give you energy and focus to perform your best in the gym while being keto. It is ideal to take fasted as the formula will push you into ketosis faster. The Best Pre Workout will help you burn fat faster and more efficiently when pairing it with the keto diet. They say the gym is only 70% of weight loss but when you use this combo, you are going full hundo! 

Bpi Best Pre Workout

Best Pre Workout by BPi

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