Is GNC the best place to buy Supplements?

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Choosing the right supplements for you is never easy and we here at Campus Protein want to make that as simple as possible. You can always chat with us on the site, call us at 855-BROTEIN or let it go down in the DMs on Instagram! We will figure out the best products for you to reach your goals, without breaking the bank.

We pride ourselves on carrying the best brands, with the best formulas, to deliver the best results. We, of course, know that people run into issues when they want to compare our products to some of our competitor's exclusive products. We will look at their top selling products and offer you products from our site that we feel are just as good, if not better than their product. 


If you have ever walked into a GNC in the past 5 years, you can guarantee that the store employee will bring you straight to their Wheybolic™ Protein. In fact, this was my first protein ever. Actually, I just realized that this was my first supplement ever...woahhh. Thanks, GNC for getting me into the game! 

Honestly, it is a great product however it comes at one hefty price. The goal for Whey Protein is for it to be taken post workout for recovery to build lean muscle and burn fat.

Why in the heck do you need to spend $60 on that for just 3lbs! Yes, there is added digestive enzymes and a lot of BCAAs in the formula but no matter how you look at it, it is just whey too expensive.

Even looking at the BCAAs at the label, they are confusing as hell...I see the letters “BCAA” 3 times on the label alone. For the untrained eye, you would think this is 3x the BCAAs but its just really them showing 3 different ways that there are BCAAs in the formula naturally occurring.

So let's compare it to the CP Suggestion of Rule1 R1 Whey Blend. This too is a whey protein blend consisting of the same Hydrolyzed and Isolate Proteins.

The Comparison: Wheybolic™ is 40g of protein and 15g of BCAAs per 2 scoops and Whey Blend is at 48g with 12g of BCAAs...Wow!

Whey Blend has about 1g more of fat and 2g more of Carbohydrates per serving but that is not a big deal considering the price difference.

So let's talk price…$60 gets you only 25 servings of Wheybolic, and for $5 less you can get 70 servings worth of Rule 1 R1 Whey Blend! Talk about triple the gains...okay my math isn't perfect but its close.

What is the best protein by GNC


The weather is getting nice out which means cutting season is here. We need to look our best and all of our supplements need to be on the same page. If you were to walk into a GNC and looked at their options, the Total Lean™ Shake would look like the best bet for you. I mean that name says it all, right? HOLD UP, it is not what you think! There are actually 0 weight loss ingredients in this shake...huh? 

The more you look at the Total Lean™ protein, it really is just a meal replacement shake versus a weight loss protein. The Total Lean™ shake packs 25g of time releasing protein, has 210 calories per shake, with a whopping 18g of carbohydrates per serving. Again, kinda confusing product title compared to the actual function of the product. We haven't even talked price and I am giving you fair warning, its high! This protein sells for $40...and no, its not value's just 1.81lbs.

So now let's find something on our site that will compare or and most likely beat this Lean Shake™ Protein.

If I am buying something called Lean Shake™, I am in it to lose weight so I am ultimately looking for a weight loss protein, not a meal replacement. This is where our BSN ISOBurn comes into the picture. ISOBurn is the first ever weight loss protein powder. BSN combines the leanest protein along with stim free weight loss ingredients to guess what...LOSE WEIGHT. The name of this product is exactly what you expect the function of the product is. 

When you take BSN ISOburn post workout, you will replenish muscles, fill up the body, all while stimulating the metabolism for more fat loss. ISOburn is also stimulant free so you can take the protein whenever. 

Compared to Lean Shake, you are getting around 60 fewer calories, 4g fewer sugar and saving a lot of money! BSN ISOBurn is just $29.99 compared to the $40 price tag of GNC Lean Shake (and you get 4 more servings too!).  

The Best Protein for Fat Loss in GNC



This is a new and exciting protein from GNC, so just in case you were curious about this one, we offered comparable proteins as well. First off, smart move on their part copying Ghost Lifestyle on the incredible cereal flavors. These are clearly successful and they want to capitalize on that. We cannot offer cereal flavors but I am sure we can find you a great tasting protein at a tremendous value.

Substained Protein Blend is a 28 serving protein sits around $35 for 2 lbs. The formula has a protein blend that will release over a long period of time. The proteins found in this formula are Whey Isolate, Casein, and Egg Whites. That is all this product is, a protein blend that delivers nutrients to your system over a long period of time. 

The obvious go-to’s for stage released or time released proteins would be BSN Syntha-6 or Musclepharm’s Combat powder. They are inexpensive sitting around $29.99 for 27+ servings and contain Whey Protein, Egg Protein, Casein Protein, giving you nutrients for up to 8 hours. They both come with standard flavors that taste good but not great. The new update with Syntha-6 is the collab they did with Cold Stone Creamery™, making some pretty awesome flavors! 

If you are looking for the best-tasting stage released protein on Campus Protein, I would look at Pro Supps MyShake or MAN Sports Clean Protein. Here you can get that incredible value plus flavors like Cookie Stuffed Cookie and Cake Batter.

what is the best tasting protein at GNC



We get this question all the time from previous or current GNC customers and honestly, this is the toughest product to compete with. They truly do sell the best multivitamin pack out there and no one really sells anything close.

This $45 product is a full months supply providing your everyday multi, an antioxidant support, caffeine, pills to increase blood flow, and ingredients for recovery.

Wait, isn't this a multivitamin? Who in their right mind needs all of that? If you take a pre-workout, you definitely don't need the caffeine or blood flow ingredients. If you drink a protein shake or sip aminos, you are covered on the recovery part.

So now all we need to cover is a basic multi with some detox elements in it...drum roll please...I now introduce to you, OPTI Men or OPTI Women by Optimum Nutrition.

Starting at just $14 for the month, we can save you $34 and you still get your healthy vitamin every morning.

what is the best multi vitamin at gnc


Though you may not know, the brand Beyond Raw® falls under GNC's private line which is a little shady from the customers perspective. Where are the three letters that you trust and we are not talking about the name. Speaking of the name, "LIT" Pre Workout sounds pretty cool and the formula is pretty strong as well.  Right off the bat, we see the term “clinically dosed,” so we are expecting a big scoop pre-workout with the right amount of ingredients. Beyond Raw LIT is priced at a competitive $40 per 30 servings.

The servings definitely will play a role since most clinical dosages sit around 20 servings per container. So that begs the question, how does GNC fit all those ingredients into 30 scoops at such an affordable price? hint: they don't.

Let's start off by looking at the ingredients and comparing them to our top selling clinical dosed pre-workouts. We can break down the ingredients to see how Beyond Raw Lit compares.

We will use Nutrex Outlift, GAT Psychon, and iSatori Morph to compare since they all sit around the same $40 per bottle. As mentioned earlier, they all have 20 scoops per $40 bottle. 

CITRULLINE:  In most of our pre-workouts such as Nutrex Outlift, GAT Psychon, and iSatori Morph we are sitting at over 6,000mg of Citrulline. Beyond Raw LIT only has 3,000mg per scoop. 

BETA-ALANINE: All of these pre-workout options contain the same amount of patented CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine at 3.2g for endurance. Let's move on.

ENERGY: Beyond Raw has the least amount of energy sitting at 250mg of caffeine while the three Campus Protein options all have 300mg or more per scoop. Get on our level...especially with that name. 

STRENGTH: Morph, Outlift, and Psychon have 2-3g of Creatine per serving when LIT only has 1.5g.

This is where the comparisons stop due to Beyond Lit being out of ingredients. What? No - there has to be's a $40 pre-workout.

Morph and Psychonstill have BCAAs plus Betaine in their formula to maximize results.

I really do not know why they call Beyond Raw a "Clinical Pre Workout," but it seems like you would need to double scoop it to compare it to the CP options making it really only a 15 serving product

best pre workout at GNC

In Conclusion...

Honestly, these products are all great with solid formulas but we here at CP try to provide the best possible value. If you have all the money in the world and need that quick in-store convenience, we get it...we also are not offended at all.

BUT if you want the best bang for your buck so you can get the most out of your supplements, we got you...and love you for that!

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