Honest Product Review: BANG Energy Keto Coffee

What Is It:  We all know what BANG Energy is, the best selling 0 calorie energy drink on the market. We actually suggest replacing your coffee with this drink being that its 0 calories and ALOT stronger. The thing is, people, LOVE their coffee...I swear my cap locks are ON but I am also trying to make a POINT. This product combines the two bringing BANG with your favorite Coffee flavors...and adds protein!!!

bang keto coffee

Why This Stuff is Great: When we tell you to replace your coffee, we mean that this might save yourself calories and do the exact same thing, if not better. However, your economics professor will always warn you of the “trade-off.” In this case, when you replace your coffee with BANG KETO Coffee, you are not sacrificing anything….you are gaining….protein.

Bro Science: Coffee + enough caffeine to wake your ass up + high in protein + low calories & delicious.

VPx Bang Energy Keto Coffee

Real Science: Let’s check out this label and break down its awesomeness. Starting off, this product is 140 calories. Woah, wait for a second, this is keto coffee and low in calories...why wouldn't I just use the original BANG? Well, this puppy has protein and MCTs to keep it Keto Friendly.  When you mix MCT oil with protein, it actually becomes the source of energy and leaves your body in ketosis. SEE ARTICLE HERE, but I don’t know if the ratios are right in this can. There is 20g of protein in here and under 6g of net carbs along with 2g of Fat.

The Good: Price for a large coffee at Starbucks is $4.30….wait what?! That is insane!! How many jobs does one have to have to afford one of those coffee’s every day?! A protein shake is about $2 per shake. VPx BANG Keto Coffee is $3 per can and you get both. So with horrendous math logic, you save $3.30 with every can you down.

The Bad: I think the whole “keto” label is a reach being that there is not enough fat to protein ratio, however, this is a badass post-workout morning recovery drink or healthy coffee replacement.

The Rating: 8.4/10
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VPx BANG Keto Coffee

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