Honest Product Review: Xtend Gummies

What Is It: Yes, you read it right...Scivation Xtend Sports Recovery Gummies are a thing, and its something you need to try. Think delicious gummies but they have BCAAs, Aminos and fast acting carbohydrates for speedy muscle recovery.

Scivation Xtend Gummies

Why This Stuff is Great: When you workout, you deplete yourself of a few important nutrients. 1 is Aminos due to them being used as fuel for your muscles. 2 would be electrolytes due to perspiration. 3, would be carbohydrates used as fuel for energy. All this is found in Scivation Xtend Gummies. 

Bro Science: These are muscle building gummies

Real Science: Each gummy will have BCAAs + Fast Acting Carbs for muscle recovery

The Good: This on the go gummy is perfect to take during your workout or post workout to speed up protein synthesis and muscle recovery.

The Bad: There are a lot of carbs and calories in this 10 serving bottle but when you understand the science, that is perfectly fine and actually wanted. 

The Rating: 7.9/10

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