Honest Product Review: MAN Sports Blockbuster

What Is It: This is MAN Sports brand new pre workout. They currently have Gameday and PepTest but that has nothing to do with what this product is. Blockbuster is an explosive concentrate (lots of energy) pre workout. If this sounds familiar, its prolly because you are thinking of Cellucor's C4 pre workout. Now when you learn that a blockbuster is a type of explosive, your mind will go....

Man Sports Blockbuster Review

I know...RIGHT! 

This is their version of C4 and its basically the same formula with a couple tweaks..."MAN style." 

1st Off - MAN fully discloses their formula so you know exactly what you are getting

2nd - They use the same Arginine AAKG but 3x the amount (more pump)

3rd - This is creatine free and MAN uses HydroMax for extra pumps instead of nitrates

4th - They use natural caffeine and choline for energy and focus instead of caffeine anhydrous and teacrine

Why This Stuff is Great: The first thing I noticed is that their Blue Razz (the flavor I tried for this review) was pretty fantastic. FUN FACT - Cellucor's top flavor in C4 is Icy Blue Razz and MAN made a Glacier Blue Razz...perfect trolling move by MAN! Glacier is clearly colder than Icy so they win. Now, after taking this stuff, you can see that this formula packs a punch! I thought the burst of energy and pump were the highlights of this product. I was golden through my entire shoulder workout and the pump was better than the last 2 pre's I tried. 

Real Science: The use of great ingredients in heavier than normal dosages gives this formula the kick it needs. 3g of Arginine, 1g of Glycerol, and a whopping 1g of Choline per scoop is pretty impressive. You get solid pumps and tremendous focus from these high quality ingredients. 

Bro Science: This is the stronger version of C4 or This is very similar to C4 but with different ingredients to aim for more pump and a little more intense energy.

The Good: The product does exactly what you want if you are graduating from C4 or new to pre workouts. Its perfect for men and women and lifters at any level. It also tastes great and comes in APPLE JUICE...yes I said Apple Juice flavor (you must have missed that from above).

The Bad: For me the tingles were just tad tooooooo intense but I am not used to the heavy tingles. I have been taking pre amino for my pre so this is way more intense. 

The Rating: 8.5/10

Check out MAN Sports Blockbuster HERE

Check out the Label Here: 

MAN Sports Blockbuster Supplement Facts

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