What Is Man Sports Blockbuster?

When you think of Man Sports, you think of the candy flavored aminos called ISO-Amino. At $19.99 you get an amazing tasting product that delivers results. That is MAN Sports. Great products, amazing experience in taste and workouts, and top notch formulas. 

Man Sports is now entering the concentrate (small scoop, packs a punch) pre workout market with a product called Blockbuster. They currently have two pre workouts: PepTest Bulk, which is a test boosting creatine free powerhouse pre workout, and Gameday. Man Sports Gameday is a hardcore off the wall pre workout that will rock your day. Neither of these products come close or compare to Blockbuster. 

Man Sports Blockbuster Pre Workout

Looking at the formula of Blockbuster, you can see that they are really going after the Cellucor C4 customer....I mean think of the name (not the video store we used to go to growing up).  MAN Blockbuster is for everyone, men or women and for all skill levels. Its not too intense but the experienced lifter can still enjoy it. For most, it is going to be the first pre workout you take and MAN ensures that the experience will be delightful. You are gonna come out of the workout loving life...and loving Blockbuster.

Now, lets dive into this new Blockbuster formula:

Right off the bat, you see its fully disclosed label so you know EXACTLY what you are getting in the formula. Blockbuster is also not a light weight concentrate pre workout. It packs a 13g scoop and over 8g of active ingredients. Looking at the PUMP and PERFORMANCE blend, MAN delivers 3g of AAKG or Arginine Alpha Ketogluterate, the most bio-available form of Arginine (for pumps).

AAKG plus 1g of Hydromax will combine in the system and deliver the best blood flow or pumps to the muscles. Then for the first time ever (as a company) in a pre workout, MAN added Beta-Alanine for endurance and performance in the gym. This formula is so clean and straight to the point, its obviously going to be great for pre workout. Now on to the Energy Blend.

The first thing we noticed in the Energy Blend is that MAN used a whopping dose of 1g of Choline. Usually brands use less than 200mg of choline let alone 1000mg. This is going to give you laser focus in the gym and keep you dialed in through your entire workout. Then MAN used organic natural Green Coffee Bean as their source of caffeine. When you use Coffee Bean or Green Tea as an energy source instead of Caffeine Anhydrous, it delivers a stable energy with no spikes or crash. It also is proven to burn fat in the process. 

Here is the supplement facts and formula laid out:

MAN Sports Blockbuster Supplement Facts

That formula...am I right? The thing is, we haven't gotten to the coolest part...what makes MAN...well MAN. They came out with a unique flavor: Apple Juice flavored pre workout. Let it sink in because that sounds amazing. We all remember waking up and having a delicious glass of MOTT's. Now these days we can't because we know its all sugar...until now. Blockbuster will serve as a 10 calorie Apple Juice that helps you pick things up and put them down...if you are into that sort of thing. 

MAN definitely did what they are know for coming out with a solid formula, now its time to try this affordable (just $29.99) product and let us know what you think! 

Check out MAN Sports Blockbuster HERE

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