Honest Product Review: Kraken Pump by Sparta

What Is It:  FINALLY, a pump product that does not have the same ingredients as everyone else. Honestly, its been really hard selling you guys on different pump ingredients but not with Sparta Kraken Pump. This product has 2 novel ingredients that no one else uses that delivers hardcore pumps.

I keep saying this, Sparta does not mess around in their formulas.

Sparta Nutrition Kraken Pump

Why This Stuff is Great:  It works. (should I have said period to make it more emphatic?)

Bro Science: Kraken Pump will deliver the best pumps in the game and comes in pretty great flavors (matches Kraken Pre Workout)

Real Science: It all comes down to the bark and the 6...It is clearly impossible to make ingredients sound cool. Kraken Pump uses Pine Bark Extract and Vaso-6™ alongside the famous hydromax and Alpha-GPC to create unreal pumps. There is really no one out there that uses these ingredients and if they do, they are some pretty smart people.

The Good: Sparta being Sparta, coming in hot with the solid ingredients.

The Bad: To get the max dose, you need to double scoop which they take care of by offering 40 scoops per serving. I have been using 1 scoop and loving it!

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The Rating: 8.8/10

The Formula:
Sparta Nutrition Kraken Pump


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