Honest Product Review: VPX BANG Energy


What Is It: When you think of VPX, you think of BANG! Yes, it's said loud on purpose. This is that can of gains you see on our site along with every gas station in the country. It's the muscle building version of Red Bull. It will be a delightful beverage that you won't even realize how much its helping you in the gains department.

Why This Stuff is Great: VPX BANG product is an energy drink so let's start with that - VPX packs every can of BANG with 300mg of caffeine...done.

Then we talked about how this product is amazing for building muscle. They add BCAA's plus something called Super Creatine to this formula so you can feed your muscles. Creatine in a Ready to Go Drink is a big deal because creatine usually cannot survive (stay potent) in water until BANG patented their Super Creatine. It sounds kinda lame but its basically Creatine bonded to a Leucine molecule.

On top of the muscle gains, VPX added CoQ10 for extra heart health...and that's a muscle too.

Real Science: Caffeine + Stable Creatine + BCAA's + B Vitamins + CoQ10 = one hell of a ready to go drink

Bro Science: The stuff tastes amazing and its way better for you than any other energy drink on the market. It's perfect for pre workout, your mornings, or pre gaming before going out. If you had the option of BANG vs the other guys, it's an easy decision. 

The Good: There really isn't anything you would change about this energy drink. It also shows up to your door so you never have to "pick up chasers."

CP also has two exclusive flavors: Root Beer & Purple Pear Guava (this stuff is the real deal)


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The Bad: You only get 12 per case which is kinda rough vs a 30 serving pre workout but then again it's cheaper than 12 red bulls at your gas station.

The Rating............8.9/10

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VPX Bang Energy Drink

About the Author: Mike has been in the fitness industry for over 6 years mastering and understanding supplements. He focuses strictly on how particular ingredients create a cause and effect relationship in the body through supplementation. Ever since his passion was born for fitness and supplements, it has been his desire to educate and spread his knowledge. If you have any questions for him, please comment below.


  • Ryan Johnson

    Question: “ERIC Sep 01, 2018
    Can Bang energy drink spike blood sugar?”

    Answer: No it cannot. The only things that spike blood sugar are carbs and sugar. Carbs metabolize into sugars.

    Question: “NOEL ALONZO Jul 23, 2018
    Where does Bang get it sweet taste? There is zero sugar”

    Answer: It gets its sweetness from artificial sweeteners Sucralose and Acesulfame-Potassium (aka. Acesulfame-K) in the ingredient list. These have their own drawbacks. Table sugar (sucrose) is composed of two sugars: Fructose (fruit-sugar) and Glucose. In energy metabolism, glucose is the most important source of energy in all organisms. Glucose is also what signals satiety to your brain. Fructose does not satiate. HFCS (High fructose corn syrup) tricks your taste buds into believing it is eating sugar without the accompanying satiating feeling and the increase in energy in the brain.

  • Kinza Ibrahim

    Cotton candy is way better than rainbow unicorn. 🤢

    Can’t wait to try champagne 🥂

  • bob

    i wanna know the answer to all these questions

  • Eric

    Can Bang energy drink spike blood sugar?

  • Noel Alonzo

    Where does Bang get it sweet taste? There is zero sugar

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