January 19, 2019

What Is It: Betancourt is known for their B-Nox Pre Workout and now come out with a new version called B-Nox Ripped for workout enhancement but also to help you burn more calories throughout your workout.

Why This Stuff is Great:What’s better than a dope pre-workout that wakes you up and gives you great workouts...one that burns fat in the same process. That is B-Nox Ripped summed up.

Bro Science:A great pre-workout to improve your lift and also have a Ripped Juice® Blend to improve toning and fat loss.

Real Science:The Ripped Blend® contains some pretty incredible ingredients such as Carnitine, CapsiMax, Green Coffee Bean, and a bunch of other ingredients to speed up your metabolism and turn up the heat during your workout.

The Good: You get a fat burner and pre-workout all in one package.

The Bad: This is a brand new product so we don’t have a ton of reviews on it. So far, we like it here and the new flavors are a huge upgrade

The Rating: 8.1 /10

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The Formula:
betancourt b nox ripped pre workout

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