Honest Product Review: B Nox Ripped Pre Workout


What Is It:  Betancourt is known for their B-Nox Pre Workout and now come out with a new version called B-Nox Ripped for workout enhancement but also to help you burn more calories throughout your workout.

Why This Stuff is Great: What’s better than a dope pre-workout that wakes you up and gives you great workouts...one that burns fat in the same process. That is B-Nox Ripped summed up.

Bro Science: A great pre-workout to improve your lift and also have a Ripped Juice® Blend to improve toning and fat loss.

Real Science: The Ripped Blend® contains some pretty incredible ingredients such as Carnitine, CapsiMax, Green Coffee Bean, and a bunch of other ingredients to speed up your metabolism and turn up the heat during your workout.

The Good: You get a fat burner and pre-workout all in one package.

The Bad: This is a brand new product so we don’t have a ton of reviews on it. So far, we like it here and the new flavors are a huge upgrade

The Rating: 8.1 /10

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The Formula:
betancourt b nox ripped pre workout



    The sweating is intense. I had taken 2 scoops before my workout and it’s 40 degrees outside. I am drenched even almost 2 hours after my workout session

  • Zach

    During the workout the stuff is decent. But afterwards, whatever excess is in the pre workout has you sweating for several hours post workout, even after eating hydrating and showering. Not the biggest fan of that

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