How to get more protein at Chipotle

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Hacks to get More at Chipotle


Chipotle may be one of the most polarizing restaurants out there. With its controversial past, along with the stereotype of being “unhealthy,” a lot of people give it a lot of hate. Is it warranted?

Chipotle has their beliefs and they do not believe in straying away from that. Chipotle calls this, “Food with Integrity,” which means that they source their own ingredients (know everything that goes into them), makes sure their animals are free range (to run around and not be stuck in cages), and that all menu items are real food never tainted. I mean that last one is pretty awesome. I would much rather eat real food than tire rubber...cough cough Subway. Who cares about their food integrity Mike, we came here for the gains, tell us about getting more protein at Chipotle.

For all the fanatics out there that can go to Chipotle more than 3x a week, we have all tested out wheys to get more gains down the line. From the, “actually I will do double meat,” mistake to “flirting with the server” move. At the end of the day, if it works, its worth it and that bro Machiavelli would agree.

Chipotle Hacks

Here are some other ways to get the most protein out of your Chipotle:

Spark Notes

  • Beans > Rice: Try to get more beans than rice bc there is a ton of protein in them
  • Top it with Corn and Cheese for the most gains
  • Save some money and go with _____ meat for the most protein (sorry I want you to read some of this article)
  • With this article, we can get you 62g of protein per Chipotle are welcome

The “that has protein?” trick:

Starting off with the Fillings or the first line of ingredients, you have the option of rice and beans. You may think this has no relevance to protein, however, there is a ton of protein in beans. When choosing the rice, you want to go with brown over white since it has twice the amount of protein per serving. That may sound incredible but its just 2g to 1g. The bean options (black or pinto) happen to be the same amount of protein being around 8g per serving. WOW! The move is to do a half scoop of rice (conserve the calories) and do more beans = gains. Finally, throw some fajitas in there and get 1-2g of protein with little to no calories. Plus you will be making momma proud eating your veggies.

Toppings for the Bonus Gains:

You added your foundation in rice and beans, you choose your favorite meat, now its time for the toppings...and YES WE KNOW the Guac is extra. The Sauce has nothing to it so if you want it “hot” or “mild” means nothing when it comes to gains. They do claim that spicier food is good for metabolism and fat loss but that's not relevant here. The true move is to add your sauce and some corn for those bonus gains. Corn sits around 3g of protein per serving and a good source of fiber allowing your body to absorb it but what about the important toppings. I bet you are an “all three” type of person adding Cheese, Guac, and Sour Cream but if you had to pick one, its the Cheese for the win. Why? Protein, duhhh - have you not been reading the same article? Cheese has around 6g of protein per serving making it the best topping for gains. Sour Cream and Guac only have 2g per serving. So if you are saving some casheesh and want the most muscle, Cheese is your best friend...and load that burrito up!

Chipotle Hacks

Now Which Protein has the most gains??

You have so many options, Chicken, Pulled Beef (Barbacoa), Pulled Pork (Carnitas), Steak, and Tofu (sofritas), but which is the best for gains. Let's just start by taking Sofritas out of the mix because Tofu only has 8g of protein per serving. We get it, you are vegan but clearly, the meat has more protein.

Now for the most shocking part of this article, Steak comes in second to last place with just 21g of Protein per serving. Sorry to all the Steak lovers out there. Next in line is the shredded or pulled meats (Barbacoa & Carnitas) coming in at 23g of Protein per serving. Anddddddd theeeeee winner is: Chicken coming in at a whopping 32g of protein per serving…..damnnnnnnnnn! The least expensive and so much more gains. Talk about a win-win Chipotle.

Chipotle Hacks

Now for the best trick of them all, just ask for a “little more” meat right after they finish the full scoop and 99.7% of the time they will basically give you double protein for the price of one.

Using all this knowledge when you go to Chipotle next, keep in mind the macros to avoid putting on weight. You will be getting close to 65g of Protein, which will also be near 1000 calories. That is perfectly fine but just keep this in mind since you got other meals to worry about. Thanks for reading this Chipotle hack article, let us know what tricks you do when on the line getting your favorite Mexican food?

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