Best Supplement to Boost Testosterone

We need to increase our test scores people. We are dragging and need a hard increase in test. Okay, no more school analogy or even sexual innuendos; we are talking about testosterone, the hormone that helps you both in the gym and in the bedroom. Honestly, this hormone is so important to many things such as the trigger that helps you build muscle.

This hormone plays a key development in reproductive tissue as well as secondary characteristics such as muscle tissue and bone mass. Both women and men have testosterone but men have a lot more so it gets labeled as a male hormone. The science of testosterone is that it gets digested through the liver and activated by the androgen receptor then secreted through testicles and ovaries. Okay Bill Nye, its time to go home…. let's talk English.

Best Supplement to Raise Testosterone


What is normal testosterone? The range of testosterone should be 221-716 ng/dL. Clinicians use the 300 ng/dL mark as the cut off for “Low T” according to the American Urological Association (AUA).

Now how do we increase testosterone if we want the benefits? You can go the dangerous route and get SARMs or Andro, or even steroids. That is scary and unpredictable or you can go the supplement route and try test boosting supplements. Here are the main ingredients that boost testosterone and how they work.

Tribulus - this is the OG of test boosting supplements and it honestly is a dying ingredient because, over the years, there has been 0 clinical evidence that it actually works. If your supplement uses this as a primary ingredient, its time to move to 2019 where we have so many more efficient ingredients.

D-Aspartic Acid - thank the US government for testing this incredible ingredient that can boost testosterone in the first 12 days by up to 40%. The only issues is that people don't understand how this ingredient works. It actually is not a test booster but a pituitary booster. The pituitary gland tells the testicles to make more testosterone and D-Aspartic acid stimulates that.

Fenugreek - is becoming a front runner for test boosting supplements improving sex drive for both men and women. This is very preliminary but promising so a lot of brands are beginning to use it. Fenugreek slows the absorption of sugar in the stomach which is an insulin stimulator, another vital hormone. The only thing that one needs to be aware of is that it may also increase estrogen so that may be detrimental for men if they take Fenugreek alone.

Ashwagandha - this supplement ingredient is actually an “adaptogen” for the body to help limit the harmful effects of stress on the body. The antioxidant effect of this ingredient allows the body to regulate and stimulate hormones such as testosterone. We call these supplements a 2-for-1 win-win ingredient.

Boron - When you take Boron, you stimulate testosterone hormones allowing you to increase test...pretty simple.

Testosterone is a tricky hormone because of the negative stigma steroids gives it. When you take supplements to increase test you are increasing it by 40-60% but by no means is this taking steroids. You are using your own body to produce the testosterone comparing to using steroids as your hormone source, thus shutting off the body. This is much less drastic but we always reccomend having your blood taken to see if you need a test boosted and then have that same doctor decide what you should do next. Please post any questions and we can answer them asap.


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