BANG Mystery Flavor Gets even Better

So last time we spoke, we informed you guys about the new mystery flavor of BANG coming out. Actually, I don't think that's how blogs work, but you can check the article HERE or look at the picture below:

BANG Energy Birthday Cake

So basically looking at the last article and then the comments all over IG, we are pretty sure this flavor is going to be birthday cake or cake batter. We tried to think of other flavors with this colorway but it was very difficult...but the news keeps getting better! 

We just got word, via an IG post from the BANG ENERGY CEO that this flavor will be coming in 5 of their products....YES 5!!!! 

Birthday Cake Flavor for BANG Energy

According to Jack, the new flavor will come in:
  • Bang Keto Coffee
  • Bang Energy RTD
  • Bang Energy Shots
  • Bang Master Blaster
  • Bang Stoked - this is their new CBD beverage coming soon.

Be sure to click the product below you want and sign up to be NOTIFIED FIRST when the product launches...these will sell fast!

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