What is the New BANG Flavor?

Its official, BANG Energy is coming out with a brand new flavor! The legendary Jack Owoc (founder of BANG) just teased a brand new looking white bottle with light blue and red on the bottle. See the image below:

Bang Energy Drink Birthday Cake

Okay, first off, they DID IT AGAIN...that can looks so sick. Now we have to become detectives and figure out what they hell this can can be. We were close with Frosè Rosè but this one seems more difficult. 

Jack never follows and only leads so I would strongly assume that this flavor has never been done before. Browsing through the site for some inspiration I came across these two products with the same color ways:

VPx BANG Energy Birthday Cake FlavorBirthday Cake BANG Energy Drink

These 2 flavors are Birthday Cake but thats a doughy flavor that make sense for a protein bar or protein flavor, but it cant be an energy drink can it? 

I really think this is them revamping the Cotton Candy flavor because that is one great flavor and I feel the can doesn't match the flavor. 

Birthday Cake BANG Energy

When you come out with Rainbow Unicorn, you really have no shot of guessing this one. The one thing I do know for sure is that this WILL BE A MUST BUY and I already need it. 

Please comment below what flavor you think it is.  

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