BANG Energy Drink: Safe or Dangerous


"That stuff will kill you," "you have no idea what's in there," "there is no way that stuff is safe for you." Hey Karen, leave us alone and go back to your day job. 

BANG Energy Drink Flavors

In a world where people used to think Creatine was a vicious and horrible steroid, there is a lot of “fake news” when it comes to the information regarding supplements and energy drinks. People who think BANG Energy is dangerous, please check again. Please do your research on the ingredients and the studies regarding those ingredients. 

BANG has Caffeine + Essential Amino Acids (EAA) + CoQ10 + Super Creatine™ + Vitamins + Flavoring

This is a pretty simple formula so let's analyze why BANG Energy is completely safe. (If you have 4-5 a week and do not abuse them...yes I know they taste amazing so try the Caffeine-Free ones)

Caffeine: The FDA and several studies show that the most used drug in the world is safe at 400mg a day. Your body can process caffeine extremely fast so as long as you are a healthy adult, a can of BANG is completely okay. 

Did you know that a Venti blonde (weaker) coffee at Starbucks has 400mg of caffeine? A Redbull at 16oz is 160mg of caffeine, and a 5-hour Energy has 200mg of caffeine. 

Check Out all the Caffeine contents in your favorite coffees HERE

Essential Amino Acids: Are the foundation or building blocks to muscle or tissue in the body. If you have muscle or tissue and you are drinking some BANG, you are doing yourself a favor. 

CoQ10: Is one of the best supplements for heart health which many should be to all the haters out there...

is BANG Energy Safe

Super Creatine: The owner of Jack is a fantastic formulator and has made many patented ingredients. In BANG, there is a water-absorbent Creatine Peptide (only drink to have it). Creatine too is great for muscle recovery and energy. Another ingredient we should be having daily, so thank you BANG.

B Vitamins: Are fantastic for several side effects such as increased natural energy, reproduction of tissue and nerves in the body and overall health. It is the makeup of 5-hour energy and is also found in BANG. 

Flavors: BANG has the best flavors on the market and guess what? THEY ARE 0 CALORIES. In a world where people are consuming too many sugary beverages, BANG is fighting obesity with it delivering amazing quality without any of the calories. 

So to sum it all up Karen, you can 100% enjoy BANG without thinking it is going to kill you. In fact, use BANG as a healthy alternative to calorically dense drinks that actually pose a threat. Let us know what you think in the debate of: Is BANG healthy for you.





  • Brian Smith

    I love the Blue Razz…part of my daily routine…it really helps het me going….its there instead of my daily coffee anymore!!!

  • Fawne O'Guin

    Keep up the awesome work!! Frosé Rosè is my favorite!! Thanks for a healthy energy drink!! I’ll keep buying if you keep supplying!

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