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About a week ago, Sports Research sent over a video to us showing how one of their product we carry works. This product is not a powder, it should never be ingested, and yet it is a fat burner. Being that it is the summer and I am in the process of cutting, I became intrigued. I then proceeded to watch every Sports Research (parent company) video available on this product and the more I learned, the more I wanted to give it a try. The product I am talking about is called Sweet Sweat.

Sweet Sweat is defined as a topical gel that is to be used during exercise to increase blood flow or circulation to a particular area. Sweet Sweat will activate during exercise when the heart rate is elevated. Activation means sweat. Campus Protein has been selling this product for over a year now. The popularity and demand of this product grows with every month that we carry it. We carry the Sweet Sweat Jar (6.5oz and XL), Sweet Sweat XL infused with coconut oil (beneficial for the skin), the Sweet Sweat Stick, and all of their trimmers (waist and thigh). The trimmers are to be used in conjunction with Sweet Sweat to amplify its fat burning effects. Don’t get confused with those mainstream waist trimmers that contort your body, this one is just for weight loss. You can check out the entire line under the Sports Research brand page.

Campus Protein Sweet Sweat

The video that I saw showed a thermal image of someone exercising with half of his upper body covered in Sweet Sweat and the other half with nothing. At minute 0, the heat temperature showed me something that makes total sense in regards to fat loss. It showed that the coldest temperatures on the body were in the lower abdominal region as well as the “love handles” area. This is the area everyone has trouble with and the poor circulation to that region is the REASON!!! According to Sports Research, this is why people refer to this region as a “problem area” or “stubborn fat.” Then after 20 minutes of HIT (high intensity training) in the video, there was a noticeable difference in body temperature on the Sweet Sweat side. You can see the “love handles” area working hard, as well as the lower mid section. At this point, I was sold. I mean, why not give this $25 product a go and hope that it makes me more shredded than Cory Gregory.

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If you read my last review, you know I am currently training with Cellucor C4 Ripped. If not, it is a thermogenic pre workout that helps with losing weight while giving you strength. I mean, it was a pretty great article so click here to read it right after this one. Naturally, this pre workout makes me sweat, so I had high expectations when pairing it with Sweet Sweat. I used the combination of the Sweet Sweat topical gel along with their waist trimmer. The trimmer is contoured and flexible, and it’s made with premium grade latex free neoprene. It is textured inside to repel any type of moisture and is super durable. I put this on under a Under Armour shirt and the trimmer was barely noticeable. I didn’t want to be THAT GUY in the gym walking around looking like I was wearing a lifting belt.  

What is Sweet Sweat Article

I busted my foot a couple weeks earlier so I just lifted chest with no traditional cardio. I did a ton of abs in between sets to keep my heart rate up. I did one warmup set and 3 working sets of every exercise. My rep range was 8-12 reps until failure. My ab exercises consisted of leg raises, crunches, planks, and that horrible ab wheel. Based on the theory of “the fat burning zone,” if you were to work out with a heart rate between 111 and 139 beats per minute, you would burn a higher percentage of fat during exercise than if you went above that number into the anaerobic zone. I do not fully believe in this theory but when you are unable to do HIIT (high intensity interval training), this is the next best option. Here is how my workout went, I will keep you updated on my heart rate bpm (beats per minute):

5:10am - I took my pre workout (Heart Rate @ 70bpm)

5:25am  - Arrive at the gym from walking (Heart Rate @ 103bpm)

It definitely felt hotter in the abdominal region but overall body felt normal

5:29am - After warmups, my entire body felt warm and ready to break a sweat (Heart Rate @ 110bpm)

It was a subtle sensation but I felt ready to start my heavy lifts

5:45am - I was noticeably sweating as if I was on a run (Heart Rate @ 128bpm)

My whole body was sweating, not just the mid section. Made me feel that I was burning more calories on this workout compared to a workout without SS.

6:05am - Finished my workout with some abs and stretching (Heart Rate @ 118bpm)

I felt that I got a complete workout as if I ran a mile to finish it off. I was definitely exhausted from a solid lift.

Sweet Sweat

When I took off the belt, sweat literally dropped to the floor like I was pouring buckets. I was kind of  in shock...I didn’t know if I should be disgusted or impressed. I looked at my stomach and it was full of sweat beads. I was 100% impressed in the product and the overall experience. I looked in the mirror and I was drastically thinner in the abdominal region. This is extremely short term due to my fasted training and limited water intake during the workout, but it does show that the area was in fact targeted. The water in the targeted area was extracted from the body as well as an increase in core temperature. So if Sports Research is correct, this done over a long period of time, will result in fat loss for those “targeted” areas. This is everything I could ask for but I wasn’t done. I wanted to test the product in one more way. I went into the steam room following my workout to amplify the effects. Within 5 minutes of steaming, my mid section that still had Sweet Sweat on it (took the waist trimmer off), was sweating a lot faster than the rest of my body. It was allowing my skin to breath which means it did not block the pores. Following my extensive testing of this product, I will be suggesting Sweet Sweat to anyone going into a cut. I truly think that using Sweet Sweat with any fat burner or cutting agent can only help, the product is truly one of a kind.

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