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You dread this part of the year in the gym. It’s a necessity and you cannot avoid it. Well you can, but for you, wearing an oversize shirt on the beach this summer is not an option. With the nice weather coming, it is time to cut…which means time for some extra cardio. Cutting season means that you push yourself a little more in the gym so you can optimize your caloric burn. Today I will review my experience with a pre workout dedicated to keeping muscle, increasing strength, but most importantly it helps you burn more calories. This pre workout is Cellucor’s C4 Ripped. 

            I started taking and testing this stimulant based pre workout one year ago. Now I am using C4 Ripped as my cutting agent for this summer. C4 Ripped has become my go to product when it comes to cardio days, HIIT (high intensity interval training), and even strength workouts. The only difference is that I take 2 scoops on cardio days, and one scoop plus a pump product on strength days.

            From the moment Ripped hits your tongue, you cannot ignore how delicious it is. You immediately forget this drink is a pre workout and enjoy it to the last drop. The flavors come in Cherry Limeade, Raspberry Lemonade, Fruit Punch, and the Campus Protein Exclusive Icy Blue Razz (my favorite).  After you finish enjoying the taste and down the entire glass, you will become a ticking time bomb to go kill it in the gym. Give this product about 15-20 minutes to hit you, and you will get a major “itch” to get to the gym. Once you are there, get ready for a long and effortless workout that doesn’t seem to end. I don't say this in a negative light, it's quite the opposite. C4 Ripped gives you energy and endurance like you have never experienced. Ripped will make you feel like you can go for dayzzzzzzz.

C4 Ripped Running Man

           I had an even better experience when I started implementing C4 Ripped for my runs and spin class. Let me preface that I am not the best when it comes to conditioning. I am talking about barely being able to run at 5 mph for a total of 10 minutes. Prior to supplementing with Ripped, spin classes ended 20 minutes early and it wasn’t because I had somewhere to be. I just couldn't hang… My first run on C4 Ripped was about 20 minutes averaging 7 mph. I was dripping after this run and I truly felt that I could go longer. Lets just say my "dry fit" clothing was far from dry when I was done, it honestly never stood a chance. Finishing a spin class was not the challenge anymore, crushing it was. On this pre workout, not only was I able to improve conditioning, I was able to burn hella more calories throughout my workout. Cellucor claims that this formula allows you to increase your caloric burn and based on how my body responded, I would agree.

C4 Ripped by Cellucor

            The science is super simple behind C4 Ripped and that is why I love it. The C4 Ripped formula is perfect for every one of all ages (18 and up). One scoop only contains 160mg of caffeine so it will not cause any “jitters.” The one ingredient you need to look out for is the Beta-Alanine. This is the key to the endurance factor of the formula but at the same time, the “tingling” ingredient. If you have ever taken the OG Cellucor C4, you know what I mean when I say “tingles.” This ingredient is not for everyone so if you can’t stand the tingles, I suggest Alphamine by PEScience as an alternative fat loss pre workout. Beta-Alanine buffers lactic acid build up so your muscles can push through plateaus. When you break through plateaus, you see greater results. The next important aspect of this formula is the “Ripped Blend.” This is where the magic happens. The blend allows you to experience the extra caloric burn we spoke about earlier. It consists of 4 ingredients that helps speed up ones metabolism and burns fat. It will increase the temperature of your body and tell your body to burn more fat for energy. The best part about this fat, is that it is the stubborn stored fat. The pairing of Beta-Alanine and the “Ripped Blend” allows you to feel invincible and gives you the sensation that there is no end. At this point, why would you when summer is coming.

Campus Protein Blog

            Right now as, I am writing this review, I still feel the effects of C4 Ripped from my workout earlier. It will help me burn calories throughout the rest of the day and tone me out in the process. With the right diet, and a strong commitment to your fat burning workouts, C4 Ripped will make sure you look your best naked.

To follow my entire fitness journey on C4 Ripped, please watch the video below:


Here is the nutrition label for Cellucor C4 Ripped: 

Cellucor C4 Ripped Supp Facts


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