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Diabetes is a condition people face when the body goes through an abnormally high blood glucose levels. This is caused by a person having a difficult time producing or making use of the hormone insulin. The American Diabetes Association suggests that you should keep the amount of sugar and saturated fat rather low in your diet. If you are diabetic and also weight lifting, you need to choose the right supplements that fit your dietary needs.


Many people take pre-workouts before a workout in order to increase energy and strength. For diabetics, you should choose a pre-workout that is caffeine free or very low in caffeine. Caffeine may interfere with glucose levels in the body and makes it hard for people to control their blood sugar. 

Here are the Pre Workouts we suggest: 

No Caffeine or Stimulant Free

Pro Supps Dr. Jekyll
Pro Supps Dr Jekyll Stimulant Free
PEScience High Volume

If you can handle caffeine and understand how your body responds then we recommend

Pre Workout for Diabetics

Best Supplements for Diabetics

Protein Powder

There are many more benefits for diabetics when it comes to adding protein powder to your diet. Although protein is a great way to build and maintain muscle, it can also help lower blood glucose levels. Choosing the right protein powder is very important, you want to stay away from ones with added sugars or fat. Whey isolates will be your best choice, they contain minimal fats and easily digestible protein. Whey has the ability to boost metabolic rate, improve insulin and blood sugar metabolism, and help maintain appetite that may benefit many people. Here are some of the best protein options:

Best Supplements for Diabetics

Best Proteins for Diabetics: 

R1 Whey Blend
r1 Whey Blend protein for diabetics
Dymatize ISO100 Isolate Protein for Diabetics
Spartan Whey
Ideal Protein for Diabetics


Healthy Snacks

High Protein, Low Carb snacks on CP are a great source of low-glycemic carbohydrates, containing a good source of fiber and little amounts of sugar contained. They are a great way to rid candy out of your diet or sweet cravings without having an effect on blood sugar levelsEating bars in moderation, are great to use as a meal supplement or a workout snack. The following healthy snacks contain no artificial sweeteners and are packed with protein:

Low Sugar Protein bar for Diabetics
Smart Sweets
Low Carb Candy for Diabetics
Parm Crisps 
Low Carb Protein Snacks Diabetics
Cookies for Diabetics


  • There is significant evidence to support that creatine DOES produce abnormalities in pancreatic insulin secretion and changes in glucose homeostasis. Creatine and Insulin

Amino Acids

  • Amino Acids can significantly increase insulin response in diabetics which in turn can improve glucose homeostasis. Amino Acid Study

Amino Acids and Diabetes

Nitrates and Pump


  • SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASED FASTING GLUCOSE CONCENTRATIONS AND REDUCED INSULIN SENSITIVITY as measured by homeostasis model assessment, oral glucose insulin sensitivity, and the insulin sensitivity index. 

Contributing Writer: Patrick Merkel- @pmerkel33 


  • Sam

    Am a type 2 diabetic and I do very intensive bodybuilding, which work our supplement will you recommend with no sugar and can help reduce wait

  • Kurush Lelinwalla

    I’m a type 1 diabetic patient and I go to the gym 4-5 times a week . Please recommend a supplement which will suit me (amino acids , protein included in it )

  • Manish

    My age is 35 & i m on insulin . I m training for bodybuilding since one year plz suggest me about vegetarian diet


    I am pre-diabetic and doing regularly weight tarining and havy weight lefting. Suggest whey Protein and per workout which suites me.


    I am pre-diabetic and doing regularly weight tarining and havy weight lefting. Suggest whey Protein and per workout which suites me.

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