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 Tayler Jordan

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     1. How did you start your fitness journey?

I was always involved in sports throughout high school: softball, cheerleading, cross-country. So when I went to college staying active and eating healthy was simply part of who I was. I got a job at the campus rec center my freshman year as a fitness attendant. By my sophomore year, I was teaching group fitness classes and eventually got my certification to become a personal trainer. The more I learned the stronger my passion grew for fitness and it continues to become stronger to this day. 

  1. How do you recommend college students stay fit and healthy?

Priorities and time management are two of the most difficult challenges I believe college students are faced with, BUT if they can be mastered, staying fit and healthy is a breeze. Smart food choices, sufficient amounts of sleep, and exercise must be prioritized in order to achieve an overall fit and healthy lifestyle.  

  1. What does your workout schedule look like?

My training rotates in phases. For 3 weeks I focus on one muscle group more frequently than others, then take a week to replenish and rejuvenate so I will be ready for the next phase. For example, if I were in a hamstring-focused cycle, my schedule would look something like this:

Sunday- Hamstring/ Shoulders

Monday- Back and Calves

Tuesday- Quads/ Glutes

Wednesday- Rest

Thursday- Shoulders/Triceps/Abs

Friday-Hamstrings/ Glutes (AM) and Hamstrings/Calves (PM)

Saturday- Rest

  1. What are some of your favorite supplements you use?

PES Amino IV (Blueberry Burst) and Select (Chocolate PB Cup) 

  1. Do you have any good recipes that you make?

I love making “Proats” with my PES Select!

First, cook oats separately, then stir in one scoop on Select. Simple and delicious :) 

  1. What does your diet look like?

I am currently reverse dieting so my calories increase about every 7-10 days depending on how quickly my body adjusts. I eat 6 meals a day with a large percentage of my macros being carbs- simply because my body responds really well to them. 

Side note: This may not be the best for most females, but it is what works best for me. 

  1. How have you stayed motivated?

I train and eat healthy because I absolutely love it. I want to be the best version of myself! I understand I only get one body and I am passionate about taking very good care of it. When you truly love something, when it makes you a better person, THAT is all the motivation you need. Do what you love!  

  1. What do you love about PEScience?

First and foremost I love my PES family! They are truly the best support system I could ever ask for and words cannot explain how grateful I am to represent PEScience. Also, each product we offer serves a very beneficial purpose and is formulated based on scientific evidence. The formulas are created specifically by what has been proven to work. For example, Select is a whey/casein blend and Amino IV has a 10:1:1 ratio. I could go on forever about how much I love PES, but I will end by offering my coupon code TAYLER for 30% off a purchase of any amount.  

  1. How have you managed to balance a social life and staying fit?

I believe surrounding yourself with people who lift you up is very important. It has never been difficult for me to “balance” staying fit because the people who I enjoy spending time with care about me and are like-minded. They love and support me for who I am. 

  10.Any advice for people looking to start lifting?

Slow and steady wins the race. Don’t be in a rush to be like your favorite fitness model next week. It’s a learning process, and my advice is to focus on progress over perfection. Enjoy the journey!

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