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Randi Kennedy Fitness 

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer                               ISSA Certified Sports Nutritionist                          
Instagram: randikennedy_
YouTube: Randi Kennedy
1. What are your favorite NLA products?
I am not kidding when I say it is hard to choose! But if I had to, I would say My favourite NLA for Her products are; Her Whey- Chocolate Eclaire, Her Aminos - Pink Lemonade and Orange Creamsicle, Shred Her, Her Carnatine, Her Probiotic, Her Multi
2. When do you use them?
I use NLAforHer to help improve my overall health and immunity, and maximize my sports performance and conditioning. The supplements work so well and taste so good that I look forward to using them every day.
3. How can girls get into lifting?
I believe girls can get in to weight lifting by finally realizing that the rumour "lifting weights makes you bulky/manly" is no more than a RUMOUR that spread like wild fire. I recommend to start slow, start with light weights, research the exercises that you are doing on youtube and read in books, get familiar with the proper form of each exercise and go from there. Once you get the form down you can start challenging yourself by lifting more weight and see how fun the challenge is. There is no better feeling than feeling strong! Also know that weight training will transform and sculpt your body in ways that cardio will never. You have a dream body in mind, weight training is what will get you there.
4. Will lifting make you manly looking?
Absolutely not! It is so incredibly hard for women to look manly without the help of steroids and enhancements. As long as you are a natural athlete, that will never happen!
5. What are some of your favorite workout exercises?
Some of my favourite exercises are; shoulder presses, lateral raises, step ups, kickbacks, hip thrusts, single leg squats, deadlifts.
6. How have you stayed motivated through your fitness journey?
I stay motivated even when I lack in motivation at times because I know what I want, and I'm willing to work for it. I KNOW that hard work pays off when you put in the work. There is no denying that! I refuse to give up on myself or settle for less in life. I look at each new day as another chance to bring myself closer to my goals, and take it ONE day at a time. If you look at each new day as a goal of its own, and set out to conquer that one. This mindset it makes the whole process much more enjoyable, and you will see progress much faster and be grateful for it rather than negatively dwelling on where you are, and knowing it is not where you want to be.
7. What does your diet look like?
My breakfast is a veggie egg white frittata with kale, tomato, onion, mushroom, seasonings and a bowl of zoats (shredded zucchini and oatmeal). I absolutely love my breakfast!
Lunch is protein, carbs and veggies.
Dinner is protein and veggies.
I have two snacks throughout the day, one of them being my Chocolate Eclaire protein and an apple, another being protein and veggies.
Protein consists of ground turkey, fish (tilapia, cod, salmon), chicken.
Carbs consist of rice or sweet potato
Veggies; broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, carrots, beans, asparagus, brussels sprouts.
8. How do you recommend students stay fit while being in college?
Being fit and reaching your goals is about MAKING THE TIME, not "finding" the time. I use to love being in school and having a set, structured routine. After class I would go to the gym, or before if I could because I love the way it sets the mood for the day. You just need to plan a schedule and stick to it. Say no to your excuses, and just do it! 1 hour workout is better than no workout at all. Even in-between study breaks, its good to let your brain breathe and get in a good sweat. Living a healthy and physically active lifestyle has so many positive contributions to a healthy, smart, active mind. 
9. Do you have any recipes you have made with NLA products?
I religiously make protein pancakes with Chocolate Eclaire and egg whites. All of us athletes love to bake with our Her-Whey, we have a ton of recipes on @nlaforher official instagram and I have a couple on my youtube channel! Like these amazing No-Bake Chocolate Eclaire Truffles.
10. How has NLA and weight lifting changed your life?
Weight lifting has allowed me to create myself in to the woman I am happy and proud to be. Weight lifting along with the mental and physical challenges that happen inside the gym every day have moulded me in to the strong minded, positive, determined, optimistic, clear minded person I am today. It has made me a happy, positive person that seeks out self improvement and has taught me what hard work really is, and what it takes! NLAforHer has changed my life because not only do the products improved my health, enhance my sports performance, and help me recover from strenuous workouts - I also love the products, the results and the taste so much that I look forward to taking my vitamins everyday. That really makes such a difference in the fitness experience. I look forward to working out to drink my BCAA and protein, I look forward to taking my pre workout and having an awesome training session. Along with the bond I have created with my awesome Team Mates, its amazing.. NLAforHer has a set of athletes that are courageous, ambitious, strong women that inspire me every day. We all get along so well, have so much fun and create lots of laughs and memories whenever we are together. I love what we stand for as a team, women empowerment, creating yourself in to the best version of yourself possible, taking care of our bodies, being active, healthy, and strong! 

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  • Daniel Morales

    Randi is absolutelty correct!
    It is easy to make excuses.
    Your life will never change unless you allow yourself to get things done.

    Want to be healthy? Use quality food and supplements to get there.

    Want more money? Go the extra mile for people.

    Needs and wants are unbalanced.

    Seems like to get what you want physically you need to WANT it.

    The only thing holding you back is yourself.

    Great work randi!! Its amazing to see how far youve come and you still maintain that consistent growth mentally and physically.

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