Dodging the Drunchies

You know that feeling at 2 am after coming home from an amazing night of partying and all you want to do is eat everything in sight?  Well those hot Cheetos, Dominos pizza slices, or Hot Pockets are not going to help with that six-pack you have been working for.

Don’t let the drunchies ruin all your hours of hard work! Follow these tips to avoid packing on those unwanted pounds.


1)   Drink TONS of water before, during and after you go out. Alcohol will dehydrate you and can confuse your thirst with hunger!

2)   Try to keep only healthy food in your place. You wont be tempted to open up the cabinet and eat a sleeve of Oreos if they aren’t there.

3)   Don’t take too much cash with you! If you don’t have the money to spend you wont have a choice to buy a food at the 24/7 drive through.

4)   Eat a large meal before! Carbs are your friend when it comes to eating before a night of drinking. They will not only prevent a hangover the next day, but will keep your stomach satisfied throughout the night.

5)   Know your limits!! Taking shots of Fireball and then chugging some beer and then taking pulls of cheap vodka will end in a very regretful night.


6)   Set a reminder on your phone to make sure drunk you doesn’t eat junk food. Keep reminding yourself that you don’t want to ruin your rocking body in progress!

7)   Last but not least, choose alternatives:







PB and Celery


Hummus and crackers

Arctic Zero Ice Cream

Waffle sandwich

Grilled chicken sandwich 

Protein shake or Protein Bars

Don’t let the unhealthy habits hit you hard when it comes to the weekend! Stay strong and keep reminding yourself of your goals.

By Brooke Goldstein


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