Shredded for Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and there are no more excuses. Luckily, with these tips you will be turning heads on the beach and shredded in no time!

1) Emphasize protein! Protein not only is very filling, it is also key for muscle building, recovery, and meat holds many important minerals and vitamins not found in other foods.


2) Drink water! Not only will this help keep you full, if you are worried about water bloat, not drinking enough does more harm than good.

3) Strength training is more important than cardio for weight loss! While both are important to overall health and should be included, only strength training boosts your metabolism by building muscle.

4) High intensity cardio over steady state cardio for weight loss! Your body adjusts too easily to steady state cardio, plus high intensity cardio offers more options like Zumba, kick boxing, or sprints which may be more fun than jogging for an hour. This method has been proven to be more effective at burning fat even well after you are done exercising.

5)Cheat occasionally! You read that right...treat meals can actually do the body good by surprising it and also keeping you sane. Your body will get used to eating healthy clean all the time and start to slow your metabolism down. Cheating will throw your metabolism a curve ball and allow it to stay high!

6) Find a plan that fits you! There's a ton of different routes to the same destination, so find the plan that works for you! The best plan is worthless if you can't follow it, so find one that's easy to follow based on your life and your desires.

7) Taking the right supplements will help you burn fat and get shredded. These fat burners and stacks will help you get shredded in no time:

  • Cardio Stack- C4 Ripped and CLK
  • The Key to Success- Lipo Drex, R1 Lean 5 and L2
  • Super Lean- Super HD, R1 Lean 5, Sweet Sweat


Contributing Author: Nick Snow (@classicsnowfit)

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