WTF is Wrong With Your Supp Stack?!

YOU MADE IT! You’ve graduated from your current supps stack, congrats! It’s time to start looking for the next best thing. This is a crucial moment in your life, kind of like puberty. THIS IS THAT IMPORTANT. We are here with 5 simple steps to help you make sure that experience leads to greatness…and not take you down a path of gimmicky, useless, garbage.

1. The Name and Logo Test:

  • If the name of your pre insults you or your manhood or uses a bunch of #%$W#$#, DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME.
  • If you can’t pronounce the name of your pre or it looks like an April fools joke, then you should probably STAY AWAY.
  • If your pre has a picture of animals that don’t exist, creepy clowns, or an ex-president, IT'S TOO GIMMICKY FOR YOU BRO.
      Crouching Tiger Pre-Workout


      The Solution: Pick a pre workout that actually works and be proud to leave it on your counter. If you can’t Snap/IG your supps with pride, if you don’t get butterflies at the first sight of your pre, IF YOU CAN’T invite your bros over and share a couple of scoops without embarrassment, then why even pre in the first place???  

      2. Read the Ingredients…Please…for YOUR health:

      Disclaimer- It’s as easy as it sounds…if you were able to read the line above, you are well on your way.

      • Make sure you know what you’re putting in your body! If you’re unsure about an ingredient, find one of the millions of sites with a concise ingredient guide - see here.
      • Not all supplements are created equally! Spend a few minutes looking at the supplement facts to see what’s in yours.
      • For some of you, the longer the name of the ingredient the better. If this is you, we are worried about you! Please tell your family you love them before each workout.
          Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard - Campus Protein


          The Solution: For those that will listen to this, we recommend using a reputable retailer who does the due diligence for you. COUGH.  A retailer that doesn’t just carry every brand under the sun and instead does a lot of research into what they offer their customers. COUGH COUGH. A retailer who cares so deeply for their customers that they sometimes won’t bring on an entire line of products just because of one bad ingredient in one product. Ok enough coughing, we’re talking about CP if you didn't get it yet.

          3. Yes, you need Amino’s in your stack:

          If you’re using a pre-workout and a protein, that’s great, congratulations, you’ve been to the gym. Now, let’s start seeing some results. BCAA’s are the building blocks of protein, so, ipso facto WHY THE HELL AREN’T YOU TAKING THEM?!

          Scivation Xtend BCAA's - Campus Protein


          The Solution: Taking BCAAs, intra during your workout, will increase protein synthesis post workout and increase the recovery process. This will build muscle, burn fat, and help you recover faster. Plus they usually taste great too.

          Here’s our bestsellers.


          4. Hate to say it, but your mom is right…take vitamins:

          Respect the temple, aka your organ castle, aka your gun holster, aka YOUR BODY.

          There is no way you are eating enough fruits, vegetables, and other nutrients each day to maximize your body's efficiency, keep you energized, and stay focused.

           ProSupps Vitalinx - Campus Protein


          The Solution:  Add in a simple multivitamin. This will take care of all of the dirty work for you. No need to start calculating the number of orange slices you’ve eaten today.

          • Look we get it, swallowing 6 horse pills a day isn’t for you, so we have some powdered options and a simple 1 pill option. Give it a go.

          5. Bottom Line: You need us:

          That’s not us being cocky, it's just the truth. You’re just not looking/buying from the right places. You are currently buying your supplements from a place that either doesn’t know a lot about supplements or only pushes their own brand.

          The Solution: Don’t cheat yourself. Shop somewhere that is knowledgeable about the products you are putting in your body. Stop shopping at places that bait and switch you to their own brand. Shop somewhere authentic-- a place that understands your needs and goals and truly wants to help you get there. Shop somewhere that was made by the students, for the students.


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