Why Is Gut Health So Important and How You Can Improve Gut Health

The Gut affects your overall health so gut health is clearly important. This article will explain to you why and what gut supplements are best for you to optimize your health. This article will use science and suggest the right foods and Gut Supplements to improve your gut health. 

Foods for Gut Health 

All food is ultimately broken down in the gut which then allows the body to send those nutrients back into the body. A healthy Guy contains the right bacteria and immune cells that will rid your body of anything dangerous and release them from the body. On top of that, a healthy gut speaks to the brain with nerves and hormones. That is why they call the gut, the bodies “2nd Brain.”


Gut-Friendly Foods

Fruits and veggies are always great for gut health due to their dense micronutrients. This is why a Greens Supplement is an “overall health” product.  Grains, nuts, and legumes are also very beneficial foods for gut health due to their micronutrients, fiber, and protein makeup. 

Gut Healthy Foods


Harmful Gut Foods 

Fat, alcohol and acidic foods can lead to an upset gut. There are also current studies looking at how artificial sweeteners affect gut health, but there is nothing conclusive just yet. 


An unhealthy gut can lead to Crohn's disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and IBS.  Science is also showing that an unhealthy gut can trick your brain into thinking it is hungry leading to obesity through the pituitary gland. There also is a link to Gut Health and Depression.

Gut Health and Mental Health 

What is a probiotic - this is “good” bacteria similar to ones found in your gut and help maintain a balance to keep your body/gut healthy. They make your immune system stronger, improve stomach health, and some even affect your allergies. Gut health is honestly crazy!


What is a prebiotic - is a precursor to the “good” bacteria and when introduced to the body, it helps build more “good” bacteria. The other difference with prebiotic is that it can bypass the stomach and help with inflammation. 


Combining the effects of PREbiotics and PRObiotics is called Synbiotic. 


Looking at the industry, more and more brands are coming out with supplements improving Gut Health. 

Check Out Gut Joy by Nutritox:

Best Vitamins and Supplements for Gut Health


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