Who is EVL Nutrition

Who is EVL Nutrition?

Campus Protein holds their brands they offer very close to them. They are sensitive to the best brands possible because that's all we want to offer to the customer. If you offer the best, you will get the best and we are in the Goal Achieving business! How else are we going to make you look better naked?

Now, let's introduce our newest brand….EVL or Evolution Nutrition! We are incredibly excited to announce this partnership because this brand is the real deal.

Why did it take so long for this?

Back in the day, CP used to carry EVL and it was so long ago that the only product still out there is their pre-workout ENGN (pronounced Engine). The reason why we split is that we hate each other...completely kidding. Actually, EVL struck a deal with another retailer to be exclusive and that ran out in 2018. It’s 2019 and we are ready to bring them back!

Why is EVL so great?

As the years have gone on, we have noticed one thing about EVL - they get what the people want, they are unique, and they make incredible products. They have great pre-workouts for heavy lifting or cutting. They have great BCAAs with Energy for both everyday sipping or for people cutting. They have top rated test boosters and a full line of products for whatever you are looking for. Plus their stuff looks awesome (not really a factor but wanted to state that).

What are their best selling products?

After talking to the team over at EVL, here are their best selling products:

ENGN Shred

If you look at our top selling pre workouts over the past 4 years, FUEL is obviously up there but the product that stands out is C4 Ripped. This is a pre-workout that improves lifting weights but also increases your endurance and the amount of calories you can burn. EVLs ENGN Shred is the same concept that will burn those extra calories on top of increasing energy and improving workouts.

If you want to go more hardcore with the pre-workout and less with the cardio, then their ENGN is the perfect product for you.

BCAA Energy

This is EVLs version of Amino Energy by Optimum but they focus on more BCAAs than overall aminos making it higher quality. They also add Beta Alanine, some other Essential Amino Acids, and a Vitamin Complex. The caffeine in this product is natural Green Coffee and Natural Green Tea. The best part of BCAA Energy is that it is completely customizable with 110 mg of Caffeine per scoop.

EVL also made a weight loss version of BCAA Energy called BCAA Lean Energy with the same formula on top of 500 mg of CLA and 500 MG of Carnitine for weight loss. Best part, it doesn't change the cost!

EVL BCAA Lean Energy

This is the fat burner amplifier that we all need when cutting. Leanmode has proven ingredients such as Green Coffee Bean, CLA, Carnitine, Garcinia, and the very important Green Tea that will help you cut down and tone!



Trans4orm is their more traditional fat burning formula that will increase energy, focus, mood, and suppress appetite. Its perfect to pair with LeanMode and will provide clean jitter free energy all day.

EVL Test

EVL Test is a top notch testosterone booster packed with many ingredients to naturally raise your bodies production of testosterone for so many benefits. When you take a test booster you will experience unreal strength gains, the fastest muscle recovery, and the urge to be in the gym all the time.


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