Where to Buy Maxx Chewning Green Apple Sour Strips Online

Campus Protein - a supplement site? 

Campus Protein - online store? 

Campus Protein - the college students' online convenience store?

Campus Protein - Where anyone can buy?

Campus Protein - One of the only places online to buy Actual Candy Sour Strips

Currently, the flavors are: 

Maxx Chewning Rainbow sour StripsActual Candy Sour Strips by Maxx ChewningSour Strips Candy Strawberry Christian GuzmanSour Strips Candy by Maxx Chewning Blue Raspberry

and they are all EQUALLY AMAZING!! 

The thing you need to know about this candy is that it is made for those who actually like sour because they are REALLY sour. I mean pucker every single time sour. 

 Sour Strips Candy Review

If you are a fan of this amazing candy, today is a special day!! And that is because GREEN APPLE IS LAUNCHING!!!! 

Sour Strips Candy Green Apple Sour Strips Candy Green Apple Maxx Chewning



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