What Your Gym Outfit Says About You

What Your Gym Outfit Says About You


If you’re dressed in the latest Lululemon sports bra and leggings, you’re most likely getting ready to take your Instagram selfie while sipping on your almond milk protein shake. You also only dress in name brand workout clothing, look at your shoes right now (point proven). You strut around the gym with confidence because let’s be real, your outfit cost more than a month at Equinox.

Muscle Tank

You’re main goal in the gym is to show off the guns. You have been going to the gym for quite some time and are pretty sure that cute blonde likes watching you bang out bicep curls. While you get others to take videos of your lifts, you love flexing in the mirror to see the serious gains you have made. The only other person that loves your arm muscles more than yourself is yourself.


If your still in sweats you most likely just rolled out of bed or were too lazy to pick out new clothes. Who actually wants to sweat in sweats? If you are in this apparel, you most likely are watching TV attached the elliptical while tweeting that you are at the gym to make people think you workout.

Frat Shirt

Guys, if you are flaunting around the letters on your shirt you are most likely trying to say you are cool enough to be in a frat. Girls, if you are wearing a frat shirt you are probably saying "I slept with one of these frat boys and earned this shirt".

Hair Down and Booty Shorts

Calm down Jen Seltzer, air squats and donkey kicks won't build that booty. Either your hair tie broke or you're here to pickup guys. You are headed toward the machines where all the guys are standing and are hoping for one of them will ask if you need help (because lets be real you don't lift and should be getting ready for yoga).


99% of the time guys like you look like they have skipped one too many leg days. You are most likely meant to be running outside on the track, but instead you are trying to make some gains cause your sick of being called chicken legs. Take note, your joggers aren't hiding the fact that under those pants are scrawny legs. 

Under Armour

If you wear an under armour to the gym to show your muscles...then you're a little bit of a douche bag. For those who wear one of those Under Armour superhero compression fit shirts to the gym, you better be jacked, or you just look stupid. Under Armour guys walk around the gym with pride and think they are the hottest thing to step foot in the gym.

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