What You Should Be For Halloween: Based on Your Favorite Protein

Spooky season is officially upon us! If you’re anything like us, the mid-semester craziness is real, and you may not have had time to put together a costume for this weekend. No need to fear, we’re here to give you all the quick and easy costume inspo based on your favorite protein powder! Remember: Tricks or it didn’t happen. 

If your favorite protein is: Dymatize ISO100 Fruity Pebbles

Hey there, Shred Flinstone. You seem to be the type to live in the past, but you’re also clearly the life of the party. So this Halloweekend, you and your gym buddies better step out in your best Stone Age suits, aka, some cut up 3XL t-shirts. 

Your ideal costume is: The Flintstones Gang

If your favorite protein is: OPTIMUM NUTRITION Gold Standard 100% Whey 

You keep it simple, and have an appreciation for the classics; a basic, timeless costume is the way to go. Roll up the sleeves on a white tee, grab some jeans, and head out the door this Halloween. If you’re really feeling it, throw on a leather jacket and it’s a look. 

Your ideal costume is: 50s Greaser 

If your favorite protein is: Alani Nu Whey Protein 

We’re pretty sure you already knew where this was going. As an Alani Nu die hard, you clearly like to keep it cute, but still know your way around the gym. You definitely have plenty of gym fits lying around, so add a scrunchie and some leg warmers and you’re good to go!

Your ideal costume is: Fitness Barbie

If your favorite protein is: BSN ISOBURN Protein

You mean business, and look hot while doing it. Grab some horns off of Amazon, get out your spiciest red workout set, and exercise those demons!

Your ideal costume: Devil

If your favorite protein is: PESCIENCE Select Vegan Protein 

Whether you’re actually vegan, or just pretending to be, there’s no better Halloween fit for you than some khaki shorts and a matching short sleeve. Everyone will know you love animals, and they’ll appreciate the testimony to the King of Crocodiles himself. (May he rest in peace) 

Your ideal costume is: Steve Irwin 

If your favorite protein is: UNIVERSAL NUTRITION Animal Meal Replacement 

You’re clearly unhinged, and should probably seek help… but in the meantime, go find some drumsticks and a metal chain because we’ve found the costume that pairs perfectly with your mental state. 

Your ideal costume is: Animal from the Muppets 

So this Halloween, trick or treat yo’ self to some of your favorite protein and a costume that works like you do. Whether you’re a fan of the classics, the life of the party, the girl with the cutest gym fits, or you mean business, there’s a costume out there for you! We hope this article helped make this season a little less spooky, and gave you the last minute costume inspo you never knew you needed. 

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