What Wednesday: Carnitine

What Is It: Carnitine is an amino acid (a building block for proteins) that is naturally produced in the body. This nutrient has a very high concentration in muscle tissue which will come into play later when discussing the benefits of this ingredient. Carnitine when used as a supplement, will play a role in metabolism, energy, and muscle preservation. 

Carnitine plays a very important role in helping your body oxidize or use fat for energy. Energy can be getting through your day or in the gym working out. The use of these fat cells are converted into energy, thus speeding up your metabolism. The fat cells this ingredient uses are stored so it will burn fat for better body composition. This prevents the body from using any other tissue for energy...which means muscle preservation. 

In February of 2011, The Journal of Physiology found that Carnitine supplementation led to 55% less muscle glycogen usage (muscle breakdown), 44% lower muscle lactate (endurance), which improved workout performance. 

Carnitine is considered a 2-for-1 supplement in the fact that it preserves muscle by preventing from breaking down and that it helps the body burn stubborn fat. Carnitine can be taken by everyone and comes in pill or liquid form.  

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