What is the NEW BANG Flavor coming in June?

We are so screwed here trying to figure out this product but let's give it a try! 

We have never guessed the new BANG Energy flavor but let's get our magnifying glasses and see what we can do! 

Here are the images we have. We like to look at the details in the picture to see if there are any hints. But remember, this is the brand that made BANG Rainbow Unicorn:

1. BANG Energy Drink Radical Skadattle
2. BANG Energy Drink Radical Skadattle
They legit give nothing away but the colors in the background so I would guess this is going to be a RAINBOW Flavored BANG Energy. 
Also, Jack, their incredible owner loves to rhyme so I would guess it's going to be something like Skittle Fiddle or something like that. Maybe Skidaddle and then another Jack word that rhymes with that and probably starts with an "S."
Honestly, who knows but tune in tomorrow for the reveal and if you want to pick it up, check it out here:

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