What is the New BANG Flavor

Sound the alarms!!! BANG is coming out with another new flavor and I do not know if we are ready?! (Of course we are ready, we BANG all day, and all night) 

Okay guys, time to get into detective mode: 

BANG Energy Candy Apple Crisp

This week, the legendary BANG CEO posted a video stating that BANG is coming and it's coming soon! Check out the image below:

BANG Energy Candy Apple Crisp Flavor

BANG Energy Drink Candy Apple Crisp

So what can this flavor be?! Here is my first guess: 

Watermelon- I mean look at those colors! What else could it be? Honestly, I hope this guess is correct because I need a watermelon BANG in my life ASAP. 

Christmas Themed - I wouldn't put it past the BANG team to make a themed drink for the time of the year. I mean they came out with a Birthday Cake flavor. 

Candy Apple Crisp - The videos they are teasing are using a candy apple in the background so I would say this is probably the flavor. Does that mean they will add caramel into it? We will just have to find out. 

This new flavor should be launching mid-December so make sure you are signed up for our emails! 


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