What is the best Weight Gainer for College Students

When you are in college, your body is usually at the point of maximum efficiency. So what do we do, we destroy it with booze and very very late nights. Okay, I am getting sidetracked from the point. What I mean, our bodies have the optimal hormones (estrogen or testosterone), our metabolisms are crazy fast, and our performance in and out of the gym is the best its ever going to be....for most of us. 

Being that your body has the right hormones and a super fast metabolism, it creates a perfect environment for building muscle. All you have to do is feed the body with the proper nutrients and let it go to work. You obviously have to hit the gym too. A lot of people just take whey protein post workout, however, these low calorie but high in protein shakes are just not enough to add mass or gain weight. That is where a Weight Gainer comes in. 

The difference between a Weight Gainer and a Whey Protein Shake is the calories and the macros in those. You will get carbs, fats, and other ingredients in a Weight Gainer to aid in building muscle. With the right workouts and the speedy college metabolism, a Weight Gainer will pack on lean muscle. Just make sure you are kicking ass in the gym and your diet is pretty good. 

Now, which Weight Gainer is right for you?

The Hard Gainer: The person who has such a ridiculously fast metabolism that they can never put weight on. This is where you go with the highest calorie Weight Gainer. 

The Solution: Dymatize Super Mass Gainer 

- 1280 Calories
- 52g of Protein per serving 
Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Weight Gainer Protein
The Easy Gainer: The person who has a great metabolism and does not need a ton of calories to add mass. 
The Solution: VMi Sports Major Mass Lean Mass Weight Gainer 
- 300 Servings 
- 250-1000 calories (125 per scoop)
- Clean Protein, healthy fats, and high-quality carbs 
Major Mass Weight Gainer by VMi Sports
The Fancy Gainer: This is for someone who cares very highly about the protein quality they are getting in their Weight Gainer Shakes. This also comes with a heftier price tag. 
The Solution: Rule1 R1 GAIN
- 530 Calories 
- Whey Isolate is the Protein Source 
- No Creatine 
 Rule1 R1 Weight Gainer Protein
These Weight Gainer Proteins are the top three for college students and happen to be the top selling ones on the site. The best part about taking a Weight Gainer, are the results. You will watch your workouts transform your body into a muscle building machine.
What is your favorite Weight Gainer? Comment below:
About the Author: I have been in the fitness industry for close to 10 years mastering and understanding supplements. What began as an obsession turned into a full-time life fulfilling job helping people LOOK BETTER NAKED. I find myself focusing strictly on how particular ingredients create a cause and effect relationship in the body through supplementation. Ever since his passion was born for fitness and supplements, it has been his desire to educate and spread his knowledge. If you have any questions, please comment below. 

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