What is Sweet Sweat and Should I Use It?

“What a great workout!” is what you should feel after each and every time you are active. I say active because anything active should be looked at as a workout. But what dictates you giving yourself this stamp of (workout) approval?

I know for me, I need to feel like I did something. I need my body to say, “holy shit that was tough.” I need the blood pumping and of course...I need to be sweating. That's where I fell in love with 2 products...C4 Ripped or any fat burning pre-workouts in combo with my Sweet Sweat. 

Sweet Sweat Trimmer

For the purpose of the article, let's talk about this incredible topical cream that moisturizes your skin but at the same time takes your workout to the next level (really 5 levels). 

Sweet Sweat Wal Mart GNC

Sweet Sweat is a topical gel that brings more blood flow to the areas you are putting it on while putting stress on the exertion of your body. It does not clog pores but it makes the pores work harder leading to...you guessed it...SWEAT. It takes energy for the body to sweat and the more you sweat the more energy or calories your exert (burn). That is why Sweet Sweat is a fat burner like no other. 

It is safe on your skin and in fact, it will help you stay smelling fresh post all that sweating. It is safe to wear under clothes and will not ruin your outfit. Add in some coconut and you get the extra benefits to your skin.

Overall, Sweet Sweat has some incredible qualities to help you work out harder, burn more calories and stay lean (limits water weight) all summer. We recommend this product for anyone wanting to take their cut to a more intense regimen. 

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Also, you can add a waist trimmer to really make this stuff work overtime:

sweet sweat waist trimmer

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