What Is iSatori Up To?

On October 9th, iSatori will be revealing a brand new product called Morph Xtreme. This product will be a brand new pre-workout enhancer. iSatori is one of the best companies when it comes to formulas and the science backing them. When you take their products, you can feel confident that they will get the job done!  Everyone knows them for their industry-changing product, Bio-Gro. Bio-Gro was the first of its kind, a bioactive peptide that increased the amount of protein your body could digest. If you have taken Bio-Gro, you understand.

Following the release of Bio-Gro, iSatori came out with an incredible pre-workout called Pre-Gro. This was their fully disclosed pre-workout that delivered powerful workouts but also included Bio-Gro. Everyone loved this pre, until clumping problems began. iSatori had to discontinue the product and eventually came out with Pre-Gro Max, which is their current pre available. That is until MORPH comes out this Monday.

Pre Gro Max was/is a very good pre-workout but it just wasn't strong enough to live up to the iSatori name. On top of that, the formula was very confusing to understand due to the use of proprietary blends. If you have taken Pre Gro Max, you know it's good, but it could be MUCH better...this is where iSatori heard us and created MORPH.

iSatori Morph Pre Workout

In today's world, the market wants the “kitchen sink” thrown at them when it comes to formulas for pre-workouts. What does that mean - they want the best ingredients and the full clinical dosages to maximize the experience. Now, every brand has their concentrate pre workout plus a “kitchen sink” pre-workout to offer. We have seen the release of Muscle Marinade by Purus Labs, Pre W.O. by Dymatize, and the famous Outlift by Nutrex. All of these formulas are great but this article isn't about them...it's about MORPH!

Morph Xtreme's intention is to beat the other pre-workouts mentioned above and be the best kitchen sink pre out there. Looking at the formula, iSatori is going after two products in one making it a tremendous value. Their intention is to be a pre-workout but also double as a BCAA supplement during your workout. Morph will include 4g of BCAAs in its formula. iSatori uses the patented Leucine, Leucitor™ which will be time released so that your body absorbs leucine over a long period of time. This will prevent muscle breakdown during your lift and increase protein synthesis post workout. Usually, you need to buy these supplements separately but this 2-in-1 formula will help you save dat money.

iSatori Morph Xtreme Pre Workout


I know what you're saying right about now, "what about the actual pre-workout formula?!" Well, it's awesome. Sure having 4g of BCAAs is awesome but this is a 28-gram scoop baby, we still have 24g of active pre-workout ingredients to cover.  - talk about that “kitchen sink.”

The Morph Xtreme formula will deliver on the 5 major aspects of a  pre-workout: strength, focus, pump, energy, and stamina. When you have iSatori as the formulator, and 24g of active ingredients, you can be certain that they will deliver on all 5 fronts. Looking closer at the formula, Morph Xtreme will deliver the most on the pump and energy aspect of the formula along with a solid strength complex. They use licensed ingredients for the entire formula to maximize efficacy. The one aspect of the formula that separates them from the competition is the mental (focus) clarity aspect of the formula. iSatori uses 7 total ingredients to create that “tunnel vision” in the gym which will allow you to hit your goals harder than ever.

Now, when can we get a glimpse of this formula? Stay tuned for the reveal this Friday and the launch of the product Monday, October 9th. In typical fashion, it will be HUGE.

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iSatori New Pre Workout Morph XtremeMorph Xtreme Pre Workout by iSatori

About the Author: Mike has been in the fitness industry for over 6 years mastering and understanding supplements. He focuses strictly on how particular ingredients create a cause and effect relationship in the body through supplementation. Ever since his passion was born for fitness and supplements, it has been his desire to educate and spread his knowledge. If you have any questions for him, please comment below. 

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