March 13, 2019

What Is It:Huperzine Ais really a Chinese plant called Club Moss - really, you couldn't come up with a better name. Huperzine prevents the breakdown of AcetylCholine in the brain which is essential for learning and memory.

Cholineis made in the liver and found in many foods to enhance your CNS or Central Nervous System.

Use:Huperzineis used for memory and learning functions by giving your brain superpowers. Okay, it feels like that but it allows your brain to be more alert and retain more information.

What is Huperzine Choline

Cholinecan be used for numerous purposes but really shine for athletes in mental endurance preventing fatigue.

Lamens Terms:TakingHuperzinewill allow your brain to work better both in the gym and in the classroom.

Cholineallows your enhanced focus to last longer preventing that dreaded crash.

What is Huperzine and Choline

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