What is coming: New Sparta Nutrition Products

You remember that brand last year that made all the rage? They came out of nowhere and instantly became the best selling protein. They offered beloved Cereal flavors and nailed them.

New Sparta Nutrition ICEE or Smart Sweets Pre Workout

They also made incredible products in Pre Workouts, BCAAs, and Fat Burners. This brand was called Sparta Nutrition they had arguably the best makeover in supplement history. This was a year ago and we haven't heard much from them in quite some time. 

Hey Sparta, is everything okay?

Well, it turns out they have been building something MASSIVE in the background that has nearly taken 12 months...and it is releasing soon! 

Check out their new Logo:


After talking to the team over at Sparta, it is looking like they are not just launching one product. They are not just releasing new flavors. THEY ARE TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL!!

It looks like Sparta will be releasing 3 new pre-workouts and they may or may not be licensed flavors. So here are our guesses:

Sparta Nutrition Pre Workout SmartiesSmarties Pre Workout by Sparta NutritionSparta Nutrition Smarties Candy Pre WorkoutSparta Nutrition ICEE Pre Workout

Damn! That's insane! But wait there is more - They have a licensed protein flavor coming out with an “ice cream” company we have all loved at one point. Who could this be - Breyers? Hagen Daz? Halo Top? Here are our guesses:

Sparta Nutrition Dip N Dots Ice Cream Protein Dippin Dots Spartan Whey ProteinSparta Nutrition Dippin' Dots Spartan Whey Protein




Along with all of these new products, Sparta did tell me that they will be updating the labels on the BCAA and the popular selling protein flavors. 

I am too excited and I need these now so when do they release? It is looking like the week of November 11th or the week of November 18th. 
Be on the lookout here at Campus Protein for updates.

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