What Are the 3D Energy Drink Flavors?

The hottest Energy Drink these past 2 years has been the brand started by Christian Guzman (famous YouTuber) called 3D Energy. The brand is super clean and minimalistic. So minimalistic that their flavors...are just colors. 

What Are the 3D Energy Flavors l Best tasting l Guzman

What is the Best Flavor of 3D Energy l Flavors Explained

This does get tricky when you have no clue what the flavors are. This article breaks down what the flavors are ACTUALLY so you can be in the know:

Gold: Pina Colada

Chrome: Strawberry Lemonade

White: Grapefruit (similar to White Monster)

Blue: Frozen Bombsicle

Red: Fruit Punch

Green: Citrus Soda (Mountain Dew)

Purple: Grape

Orange: Orange Soda

Red White and Blue: Freedom Popsicle 

Pink: Cotton Candy


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