Transformation Tuesday

Justine Dipasquale (@fitforthiss) 

1) What made you decide to compete?
I actually started my whole fitness journey after I was unable to participate in cheerleading in college anymore. I started iffym and really getting into weight lifting just for my own knowledge and self. Then I fell in love with this lifestyle and how it isn’t just a “quick fix” which is what many people look for now a days. After realizing how much work I’ve already put in, I decided why not go the extra mile and really challenge myself, give it my all and do something I’ve always wanted to do. The idea of knowing I would push myself to new limits is what really intrigued me to compete.

2) How do you manage to stay on track being in college?
Being in college staying on track is somewhat difficult. I do keep extremely busy between being a full time student as a Human Biology major, working in a hospital, being an EMT for a volunteer ambulance, President of an organization, and a peer hotline assistant for another organization. All of these are what help me stay on track though. I am always planning out my days and usually go to the gym really early in the morning so that I start my day off in a positive way and then can take on whatever else comes my way.

3) What are some of your go-to meals?

Oatmeal!! I usually always have oatmeal with egg whites or cauliflower to give it some volume, topped with bananas, protein powder or sugar free fat free jello mix, and syrup.
Rice cakes with either eggs scrambles, avocado, even as a snack with yogurt to top them or peanut butter, the toppings are limitless!
Zucchini noodles are my favorite I do a lot of zucchini and chicken and recently sweet potatoes.


4) Do you avoid alcohol?

I have avoided alcohol. Being in prep for a competition at the moment alcohol is completely out of the picture. Prior I would maybe drink I would say twice a month. I feel, especially being a college student it is okay to enjoy and indulge in some alcohol but not to over do it. It is really the effects it has on your metabolism not the calories like everyone believes. I just find its not worth how I feel afterwards because it does have lasting effects on my energy which transpires over to my workouts!

5) Which supplements are currently your favorite?

I actually am not a huge supplement person. The only thing I take is BCAAs. My favorite is  Scivation Xtend Green Apple!

6) What does your workout split look like?
I typically train 2 lower body days, an upper body, and a push day and pull day for upper body as well. Then that leaves 2 days for rest. This is what I am currently doing being in prep for a competition.

7) Any tips for growing the bikini glutes!?

Squats squats squats!!! and don’t be afraid to lift heavy! Also certain accessory movements like glute kickbacks are also one of my favorites! 

8) Do you allow yourself to cheat?
I actually do not allow myself to cheat. With the iffym lifestyle I really don’t even have the desire or feel the need to cheat. I am eating foods that I love every single day. I do not feel restricted and am able to have meals that I feel like are “cheats” when they are not. 

9) What has been the hardest struggle to overcome?

The hardest struggle to overcome has been the social pressures of friends while being in a prep. While I do have very very supportive people in my life that I am so thankful for. I have also had to deal with people not understanding and are like just cheat one day you do everything so well and follow it so closely. In my head when I set my mind to something I am going to give it my all. I also have had the options of others telling me I’m getting “too skinny” or on the contrary “too muscular.” 

10) What are your goals for this competition?
My goals for this competition is to just enjoy myself and the whole experience. I have been training for the past 5-6 months and personally I am going in with no expectations because I am not concerned with the outcome or the placings or the critiques the judges may give to me. I have grown so much physically as well as mentally and to me that is not something you can put a label to or anything that a trophy can define. 

11) What advice would you give people looking to make their own transformation?

I would say start by doing little things such as being more conscious of the food you are eating my downloading my fitness pal or another macro tracking app and just log what you eat in a day so you can see where you are at. From there don’t be afraid to join a gym and hit the weights! I know the gym may be intimidating but when you just push past that I think its such a fun place it is the best stress reliever. I am constantly pushing myself and feel so good afterwards. Also don’t be afraid to seek out help. There is no way I would have made it where I am today without my Coach Brian Devins from Upstate Empire Fitness. It is okay to not know what you are doing and that is why there are people out there to help guide you and so many online coaches which help to make this process and lifestyle change so much easier!

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