This is the Week You Train Legs

  1. Make your leg day your cheat day

It’s hard be motivated to do leg exercises. Here are some ideas how to make you look forward towards leg day. Let's start with food... think of your biggest cheat meal or craving. Got It? Good. Now plan on going there after leg day and you will feed your leg muscles rather than feeling guilty. Your legs have some of the largest muscles in your body and they need fuel to recover. When you feed yourself, you are feeding those leggos. Think of it as you earning that meal by suffering in the gym for an hour or so. Go nuts! 

The Legs also will burn the most calories so the more muscle you build, the more your body burns...preventing you from getting fat. 

  1. Do leg day with a friend so you can hold each other accountable

There are a wide number of reasons to have a training partner. On this one day, it will motivate you to show them up and avoid leaving your leg work out early. Plus, isn't there a saying that no one likes suffering alone. This way you can have someone to complain how sore you are too. Get ready to start walking wrong together.

Campus Protein Leg Day Workouts

  1. Understand why you are benefitting from doing legs, and use that as motivation

For me, my motivation was to dunk a basketball. My leg day revolved around being able to jump higher, so I was more invested in the workout. If you want to jump higher then focus on weighted jumps, squats, and calf exercises. If you want to get faster, focus on things like the speed ladder, using a speed chute, and HIIT cardio training. Legs are a major function to everything we do so look at leg day as a “function day.”

  1. Go to the gym at the same time that someone you creep on Instagram goes… (if you don’t already)

No explanation needed here. We’ve all been there.

Campus Protein Leg Day Workouts


  1.    Give your upper body a rest

It is crucial that you don’t over train your upper body. Not being able to do arms or chest at the gym every day sucks as it is, so don’t increase the amount of time to retrain those muscles.

  1.    Keep your body proportional

You should be doing 1-2 lower body workouts a week and the rest of the days should be upper body or active rest.

  1.    Women like a man with some nice glutes, and men don’t seem to mind some nice glutes on women either

I highly recommend weighted back extensions. This exercise will really squeeze the gluteus maximus and leave your rear end hurting bad.

Campus Protein Workouts for College Students

These 7 strategies are all to get your ass in the gym and kill it - try one or all of them and make sure you hit those legs. You will thank me later!


About the Author: Frankie forearms... Aka the Italian stallion... Aka Frank the your typical frat star who peaked in high school. Captain of a losing basketball team with a sandwich named after him called "The Tavolanche," he thinks he's much bigger than he actually is. His passion for supplementation landed him an internship with Campusprotein where he utilized his fratness to integrate The Ohio State University's collegiate perspective into the Hostile Hoosier environment.

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