The Story of PEScience Supplements: Premium, Delicious, Super Popular Nutrition

PEScience is a brand that was established over 10 years ago by athletes who recognized the need for better-quality supplements in the market. Their goal was to create products that were based on trusted science and effectively addressed the issues that athletes faced when dealing with intense training routines. Today, the passion for quality and science-based formulation and quality control still drives PEScience. This article explores their quality control process and how it sets them apart from other supplement brands.

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The Founding of PEScience

PEScience's inception was driven by a group of athletes who were dissatisfied with the quality of supplements available in the market. They were determined to create products that were formulated based on scientific research to address the issues that athletes encountered during their rigorous training routines.

The brand has always been committed to sourcing high-quality ingredients and ensuring that their products have impeccable flavors and textures. The founders' passion project has now grown into a successful multi-channel brand, with a loyal customer base that trusts PEScience to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Commitment to Quality Control

PEScience places the utmost importance on ensuring the highest quality of their products, which is fundamental to their science-based approach. They firmly believe that brands must take responsibility for their own quality control and guarantee that what is inside each bottle meets their standards. This necessitates the investment in experienced personnel, annual audits, and significant expenditure on microbiological and analytical testing. PEScience has invested in these quality control systems and subject all their facilities to audits by professional or third-party firms to guarantee the uncompromised quality of their products.

Earning Trust in the Supplement Industry

Many companies in the supplement industry claim that their products are produced in a cGMP facility, but this alone is not a reliable indicator of product quality. It is essential to consider the company's values, mission, and experience to ensure that they are committed to producing high-quality supplements. PEScience stands out in the industry with their rigorous quality control program, which ensures that all their products are manufactured in a true GMP facility.

Challenging the Norms

PEScience has taken a unique approach in product development by incorporating the latest research findings that challenge the industry's traditional practices. An instance is the creation of Select Protein, a whey+casein blend in 2013, which was inspired by research that showed superior outcomes from such a blend. 

Additionally, in 2012, PEScience developed Amino IV by combining BCAAs with EAAs, a concept that gained industry acceptance only in 2019, after new research indicated the significance of sufficient EAA levels for BCAAs to be effective. This approach by PEScience sets it apart from the rest of the industry players.


PEScience is a brand that prides itself on its commitment to quality control and using science-backed research in their product formulations. They go above and beyond industry standards to ensure that their products are safe, effective, and made with high-quality ingredients. PEScience's unique approach to product development and quality control sets them apart from other supplement brands. If you're looking for a brand you can trust, PEScience is a great choice. What are you waiting for? 

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