Sustainable TEE SHIRT Shopping Bags

Do you or your Boyfriend have too many workout tees? Help upcycle them into a reusable bag that you can use for shopping or just casually!

Step 1: Get TEE 
Sustainable Tee Shirt Bag
Step 2: Flip inside out 
Step 3: Cut bottoms into strips
Sustainable Tee Shirt Easy DIY
Step 4: Tie strips together (opposites first then double knotting side by side to close gaps and seal)
DIY Sustainable Tee Shirt Bag
Step 5: Flip shirt right side up
Step 6: Draw where you want handles and opening
Pinterest Sustainable Tee Shirt Bag
Step 7: Cut sleeves and collar off to make handles and opening
Sustainable Tee Shirt Bag
And you’re done! Take your sustainable bag with you shopping or whenever :) 
DIY Sustainable Bag Ideas Make a sustainable shopping bag from shirts

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