Sparta Nutrition Brining the HEAT with their New Fat Burners

The clock strikes midnight on December 31st and we enter into a new world. Everything transforms and what was once normal becomes different. Some embrace change and some shy away from it. We are in a new year, a new decade, but things do not change that much. We are entering New Year, New Me territory in the fitness world. 

A tale as old as time. On January 1st, the gym gets packed and everyone is starting over on their fitness journey that fell flat last year (or decade). We embrace this and actually do not look at this as a negative. We want as many people to embrace fitness as possible. Supplements actually help you stay accountable. You purchase them and they help you commit to a regimen. Take a pre-workout and try not going to the gym. We will weight (yes, pun intended). 

Sparta Nutrition Shred Thermo Fat Burner

With the new year, people's goals are to lose weight and honestly, it has been a very long time since we have been excited looking at the weight loss category here at Campus Protein. That was until we just got our hands on the brand new Sparta Nutrition Fat Burners. The names of their products are Shred Powder, Shed+ in a pill, and their stimulant-free fat burner Thermo

Let's Break Them Down: 


Sparta Nutrition Shred Fat BurnerSparta Nutrition Shred Fat Burner

This fat burner will be your go-to when thinking of your transformation. It will help you go from lazy and out of literally helping you tone and SHAPE your body. Starting off with the Energy, Sparta Shred has 300mg of Caffeine per 2 scoops. So 150mg per scoop and 75mg per half scoop. 

Sparta Nutrition Weight loss supplements

What I am trying to show you is that this is extremely customizable since it is in powder form. The formula is great either way so it all depends on your caffeine tolerance. Following the energy, Shred has an insane 14 other active ingredients to help you SHRED those LBS. Carnitine will burn fat for energy, Ashwagandha will help minimize cortisol or the ingredient that holds on to weight, Theobromine will AMP up your body to burn extra calories, and the Choline will increase your focus. Right now Shred comes in Mango and Pineapple but I am sure since this is Sparta (THIS IS SPARTA!!!), that you will see more flavors coming.  


When was the last time you had a great friend to help you out and make your life better? More efficient! Help you reach your goals quicker. That is what THERMO does to your fat-burning efforts. It will work with your other supplements and make them better. 

Best Deal on Sparta Nutrition Fat Burner Thermo Online l Campus ProteinSparta Nutrition Thermo Fat Burner

This product packs 4 incredible ingredients to improve the body's ability to burn more calories throughout the day. THERMO is stimulant free so you can take it whenever. It is Vegetarian-friendly so it's easy on the stomach and the morals. It is also Gluten-Free. 


Best Deal on Sparta Nutrition Shred Online l Campus ProteinSparta Nutrition Shred Fat Burner

The final piece to the fat-burning puzzle is the Sparta Nutrition SHRED+ fat burner pill. This is very similar to the SHRED Powder but has a few more ingredients that do not taste well so they come in pill form. They also happen to be stronger fat burners so if you do not want the powder, the pills are the better option. The ingredients are: White Willow Extract and Coffee Fruit Extract. These will all affect the focus aspect of the product so if that is not important, then you can go the powder route. 


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