Sour Strips Welcomes a New Flavor

Since the day we launched Sour Strips on Campus Protein, we have had issues. Is this candy healthy? Does that matter? 

Maxx Chewning Sour Strips Pink Lemonade Actual Candy

That wasn't even the problem...stock was. We could not keep it in stock. The minute we got it, we sold out. We tried everything - ordered 2x the amount, 3x amount and still...sold out. Well guess what...they are adding another issue with another flavor! 

Actual Candy Pink Lemonade Sour Strips Maxx Chewning

We saw the Sour Strips IG page tease it last week and their flavor choice made perfect sense. Crazy when you think of it but looking at our data, this flavor is one of the best performing on our site in the pre workout category. 

The flavor is....(drum roll)...PINK LEMONADE and it was confirmed with this post:

Actual Candy Maxx Chewning NEW Pink Lemonade Flavor

and it will not be .25 cents hahaaha 

As of right now, this is a Sour Strips site exclusive but be on the lookout for it to come to Campus Protein soon! 

In the mean time, check out the other flavors here:


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