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What is it: Its LIT, it’s the shit, the greatest of all time. It’s the perfect pre workout for all college students. It took 6 months to create this formula but it was worth the weight. We carefully put in the precise ingredients at the right ratios to maximize results. We also took into consideration people half scooping and double scooping.

Why this stuff is great: From the minute you hold this legendary product in your hand, you know its special. Then when you taste our incredible realistic flavors, you wont want to put it down. Starting off with our famous Jungle Juice (alcohol not included), to our carbonated Orange and Grape Soda . This will something you will want to sip all day. Wait what about the formula, will it work? Of course, that is the most important part…we call it THE EXPERIENCE. When you take Fuel, you will feel 5 factors: Strength, Focus, Stamina (and tingles), Focus, and das pump. Each one of these factors will be felt and enhanced…the pump and focus will be your favorite.

Bro Science: Just wet it, sip it…and get ready for a once in a lifetime lift…oh wait its 30 servings. Fuel will wake your ass up, give you the strength to pick shit up, and last over an hour long. It will also give you tunnel vision and the best pump of your life without a pump product. CP Fuel uses a precise ratio of pump ingredients to make this happen.

The Good: This experience at less than $30 is a no brainer. This formula is the best value on the market and the flavors are so far ahead of any other company out there. They are not boring and mimic your favorite drinks on the market.

The Bad: It is not for everyone since it has creatine in it and there are no ingredients for weight loss like some other top sellers. Trust us, we wanted to say nothing in this section or do something like, “we need more flavors.”

Rating: 9.723/10 because we know were not perfect

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The top pre workout: Fuel Pre Workout

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