Product Review: Rule1 R1 Pre Amino

What Is It: R1 Pre Amino is a simple product that can be used for a variety of reasons. It can replace your coffee but be more specific to repairing muscle. It can be a midday pick me up with muscle recovery or it can be used as a pre workout due to its diverse formula. It has clean energy, BCAAs and other Aminos to stop muscle breakdown, speed up recovery, and increase strength/pump. We should prolly say what this product can’t do to keep this shorter. But seriously, its well rounded, and we haven't even mentioned the amazing flavors.

Rule1 R1 Pre Amino Ruleone Pre Amino

Why Is This Stuff Great: First off, its from the family that started Optimum Nutrition so you know its top notch quality. Then you see the price…$19.99...Then you see it comes in 8 options and 2 that are ALL NATURAL (naturally colored and flavored). Then and only then you look at the formula and you see Rule1 is not messing around.

Real Science: Rule1 uses a fully transparent formula so you know exactly what is in this formula. They use 2.5g of BCAAs at the clinically proven ratio. They they have 6g of aminos for more recovery, pump, strength, and performance. Their energy formula uses Organic Green Tea and Organic Coffee Bean extract so its super clean.


Rule1 R1 Pre Amino


Bro Science: When you wake up, you are in a fasted state so your body breaks down muscle tissue for energy until nourished properly. One sip of this will stop the muscle breakdown and then your body will use the ingredients to build more muscle. The Green Tea will also jump start your metabolism. If you take this as a pre, the formula has several ingredients to boost energy and performance.

The Good:  The Price, formula and flavor.

The Bad: The amount of servings. If I took this in a perfect world, It would come in 100 scoops so I can take it 3x a day and even double scoop.

The Rating: 7.9/10

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