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What Is It: I think it was Lipo Drex that was the last time I felt there was something special to offer in the “weight loss” category. Honestly, I am a big fan of eating right and exercising for weight loss. When it comes to weight loss supplements, I don't think there needs to be anything special other than the STUFF THAT WORKS. Kaged Muscle Clean Burn has precisely that. Clean Burn has just 5 ingredients to help you burn more stored fat and use your diet to help you lose even more weight. We will get into that with the real science.

Kaged Muscle Clean Burn Fat Loss

Why This Stuff is Great: It has only the safe ingredients proven to help you lose weight. You will still need to kick ass in the gym plus clean up the diet to really lose weight. Clean Burn uses Carnitine, Green Tea, and Red Pepper to ramp up fat loss while also using a Gynemma Extract to block carbs from being stored.

Real Science: Kaged Muscle really relies on science so get ready for some real science when breaking down Clean Burn. Let’s start with the famous L-Carnitine ingredient. Kaged uses the highest quality Carnipure™ Carnitine to aid in fat breakdown. This ingredient helps the body break down stored fat for energy.

Next, we will look into Capsimax® or Red Pepper to aid in fat loss. This ingredient is shown to manage ones appetite and speed up the metabolism resulting in more calories burned.  

So we covered Red Pepper and Carnitine, now it's time for the most proven fat loss ingredient - Green Tea. The catechins (the part of green tea that makes it work) have been shown to increase one's metabolic rate without increasing the heart rate. This means the same effects as caffeine without the jitters or heart rate issues.  

Now, the sugar or carbohydrate destroyer! When you are on a diet, your blood sugar suffers because it's usually low since you are not eating that much. Gymnema Extract is a special herb to maintain healthy blood sugar levels so it will keep this balanced. What does this result in? No 2:30 crash feeling or that hangry issue. Pair this with the crush cravings ChromeoMate® and you won't need new carbs, preserve muscle mass, and promote weight loss.

Told ya there is a ton of science behind this 5 ingredient product.

Bro Science: Take Clean Burn anytime throughout the day to burn more calories and lose weight.

The Good: It is super simple, clean ingredients, very low in stimulants and clinically proven to help you lose weight.

The Bad:  I personally think this formula should have CLA but that's just me, what do I know. But seriously, the bad is that there are other ingredients they could have added to make this incredible formula even better!

The Rating: 8.2/10

Kaged Muscle Clean Burn Fat Burner

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